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Water Vapor As Major Global Warming Factor

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5 Quick Links to Understanding Anthropogenic Climate Change
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Become a visionary seeing is believing.

Discounting the fact that this valley had the lowest annual precipitation of all of the deserts of North America at just 1.2 inches, the impact of albedo differences alone, increasing the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the surface should be immediately obvious.

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Then factor in all that additional water, 3.1 million acre ft. annually supplied by the IIP alone, being evapotranspirated into water vapor by the transformation of solar energy to latent heat energy instead sensible heat and increased convection.

The mean annual average of latent heat production for the land use change maintained by the IIP is on the order of one trillion/btu/hr.

As you can see, this water vapor isn’t condensing in the immediate vicinity, this latent heat energy is being carried away by the winds to further impact the regional climate and increase the overall greenhouse effect of water vapor over the southwestern North American continent.

Incidentally. This little water vapor factory never shuts down, but is altering the climate of the region year round as it is home to much of our wintertime supply of fresh vegetables.

And if you take a look just north of this Green Giant valley you’ll notice another little man-made climate changing influence, The Salton Sea.

It is the only surface feature with an albedo even lower than the irrigated topsoil and row after row of growing crops.

This 376 sq. mile lake is the largest in California, not a permanent natural feature; the Salton Sea is a man-made whoops, constantly replenished by the agricultural runoff of those hundreds of thousands of irrigated acres.

Ho, Ho, Ho as they say on the valley.

Maybe it’s time to think frozen, before there’s no ice left.

Incremental increases in atmospheric CO2 pale in comparison with the ability of agricultural irrigation to increase the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.

According to NASA water vapor is the 800 lb. gorilla of climate change.

Be guerilla.

Don’t let the lie of the CO2 centric theory blind you to the actual causes of anthropogenic climate change.

Justice, then Peace.

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