Monday, March 26, 2007

Al Gore Urges Scientists To Speak Out

Former Vice President Al Gore gestures to the audience before speaking at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco on Thursday. 03/22/2007

Please, please hold down the applause.

Fellow scientists, here's your chance to voice your opinion about the man-caused global warming that Al Gore is telling everyone is a "climate crisis". I have tried to publish (here on this blog) as many articles by reputable Earth Scientists as possible in order to separate the emotion, fear, rhetoric, and supposed truths, from the reality of what we actually do know. "Consensus" reports from political groups like the United Nations, based primarily on "computer models" using highly disputed assumptions, are in my opinion, very suspicious. Let's hear from others.
SAN FRANCISCO - Former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday there was a "temptation" to suppress scientific findings that don't agree with policy and urged scientists to take a more active role in communicating research with the public.
Without specifically naming the Bush administration, Gore lamented at a gathering of Earth and space scientists that policymakers used to take science into account in their decision-making, but not anymore.
"Earth science has been singled out" and ignored by government, particularly work dealing with climate change, he said during an hourlong speech at the American Geophysical Union meeting.
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