Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Global Warming, Carbon Emissions Lunacy Peaks in Britain

Just so no one thinks the frenzy and craziness over global warming and carbon, or carbon dioxide emissions is limited to America. I think it is worse in Europe. Read what is being said in Britain. Prepare yourselves for the coming sacrifices. This is what is coming for America.

Consider the following excerpt from Michael Meacher's pitch for the leadership of the UK Labour party (the ellipses representing a belabored call for more windmills), with the Orwellian assertion that in his world a newly imposed quota – limiting that which you previously had in abundance – would be considered an “entitlement”. Separated by a common language, indeed.

Climate change is now the overarching issue facing the world. Tackling it should permeate every aspect of government — not just energy, but transport, industry, building standards, agriculture, public expenditure and taxation, and foreign policy…We should require the airline industry, like every other industry, to reduce year by year their emissions, which are the fastest growing source of global warming. We should increase VED (vehicle excise duty) massively for gas-guzzling cars and use the proceeds to subsidise bus and rail, plus give large rebates to smaller-engine car owners.

We should require industry to measure and make public their carbon imprint, and report on how they are annually reducing it. We should incentivise local food production which would regenerate British agriculture, dramatically cut air miles, and protect security of supply.We should also tighten building standards so that all new construction at least meets the most energy-efficient standards already met in Europe and Scandinavia. We should give each family, according to its size and structure, a carbon entitlement which then has to be reduced each year in such a way as to reward the conscientious and penalise the wasteful.

And in order to meet the target set by scientists of at least 60 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared with 1990, government should set a target of 3 per cent annual reduction in overall UK emissions. Underpinned by this comprehensive policy, Britain should gain the moral and political authority to lead the way.”

So, here's the query: Al Gore used to demand “wrenching transformation of society”, which he now characterizes as a “World War II-style commitment”, which under the glare of Oscar attention he insists is “not as hard as you think”, yet to date he still won't tell us what his plan entails.Is this it?

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Anonymous said...

It does read more like something from an Orwell novel
than a serious proposal for governmental changes.

To think that we could be forced to change so many
aspects of our civilization, of our daily lives, all
based on the deception of a global warming crisis. And
judging by much of what's been in the media lately,
not only would there be no mass protests.. but that so
many would eagerly welcome and embrace it... like
mindless zombies..

really scary stuff..