Monday, March 19, 2007

"State of Fear", by Michael Crichton

from Kelly,

Hi Peter,
Just thought you might be interested..Michael Crichton was on Charlie Rose last night(Monday). He spent the first twenty minutes talking about his newest novel, Next, and most of the rest of the hour on Global Warming. He touched a little on stem cell research during the interview,too. You can watch the entire show online here.. is an interesting guy, I like how he thinks.I like THAT he thinks.. know what I mean? I'm considering reading this new book of his. I think it's mostly about the commercialization of genetic engineering. He writes a good story and although it's fictional, the guy knows his science.

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Peter said...

That is a great interview with Michael Crichton. As you say, he's a fiction writer and tells a gripping story, but he also knows science and I wish more people would listen. Don't get me going on stem cell know it drives me wild to think there is not more effort in that area of science. We need another Christopher Reeve.