Monday, March 19, 2007

Sometimes I think the bantering between the environmentalists and the Industrialists is just political maneuvering. The serious issue is that if you are wrong about the environmental damages being done by man and they become irreversible well then we are in trouble. Time to by property in Manitoba Canada.

You are not allowed to be wrong.




Peter said...

They've got you scared Phil. Are you willing to bet billions and billions and billions of dollars that "scientist" Al Gore is right about man-produced carbon dioxide causing global warming and every daily weather extreme? You're going to bet on the word of an obviously self-promoting ambitious politician over the most prominent of Earth Scientists? If that is the case, I've got some soon-to-be tropical beachfront property in Manitoba.

my2cents said...

If we were having a discussion about catastrophic weather changes in 1970, we might be urged to expend as much carbon dioxide as possible to help divert an impending ice-age. Predictions of disastrous cooling was the prevailing wisdom at the time.

If there truly is a man-made global warming crisis occurring, where would we now be if we had heeded the advice of 30 years ago.

We're allowed to be wrong.. a glimpse back in history provides endless instances when we were. To rush into action without all the facts is not only irresponsible but dangerous. If we feel any obligation to future generation, we should at least attempt to get it right.