Monday, March 19, 2007

Candians Becoming Delusional Over Global Warming

I love our Canadian neighbors. I really do, but I'm becoming very worried about them and their government. They are going to tax themselves into oblivion trying to lessen their output of carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases" they think are causing "global warming". If you are Canadian, read this article and hold tight to your money.......your government is coming after it.

Bear in mind that we can't even prove the atmosphere is warming, and if it is, nobody knows why, or what we can do about it. Everyone is panicking over speculation. This doesn't seem like the hardy and steady and strong Canadians I've always known. Read on:

Canada greenhouse gas 'violators' would pay under Liberal plan
Polluters releasing more than their share of theso-called greenhouse gases
responsible for global warming would be slapped with fines under a plan unveiled
Friday by opposition Liberals.The plan -- which could come into effect under
a Liberal government from January 2008 if the party is returned to power -- would
charge companies 20Canadian dollars (17 US) per tonne of carbon dioxide released
in excess of the company's "carbon budget"and jump to 30 dollars (25 US) in
2011."We cannot keep using our atmosphere as a dump,"Liberal boss Stephane Dion,
as he presented the "pay as you pollute" plan.Companies staying below their
quotas could reap rewards by selling their rights to pollute.If Liberals are able
to implement their plan, they would assign each company its carbon budget, a
portion of Canada's commitment to meet the Kyoto Protocol target of six percent
below 1990 emissions levels.The Liberal plan targets the largest
polluters,especially power generation and the oil and gas industries, such as
extractors of oil from Canada's vast deposits of oil sands, which require energy
to separate the crude.Liberals argued it would not be a tax."This is the
strongest proposal for regulating industrial greenhouse gas pollution made by
any political party in Canada," said the Pembina Institute in a statement."It sets
a new standard against which the(Conservative Stephen) Harper
government's soon-to-be-announced regulatory framework must be judged," said
Matthew Bramley of Pembina, a Canadian environmental think tank.The Conservative
Harper government has said repeatedly that Canada is not up to meeting the
Kyoto commitments, but announced early this year financing for environmental
projects.Dion said just 700 companies emitted 50 percent of Canada's greenhouse
gases.As an incentive to innovate, companies could recover as much as half of
their fines to invest in their own projects to lower emissions.A layer of gases
in Earth's upper atmosphere allows rays of sunlight in but does not let heat out,
as does the glass in a greenhouse.While the effect is necessary for life here,
the release of carbon and other gases into the atmosphere since the Industrial
Revolution has caused a steady rise in Earth's temperature, which scientists
fear could upset weather, sea levels and biological balances.


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