Friday, March 23, 2007

Al Gore in Washington, in USA Today

It is rather discouraging to me when I read about the childish shenanigans going on in Washington. First, how ridiculous is it to have Al Gore give testimony about climate science? He's not a scientist, he's a movie star, and an entreprenuer, or is that entre-manure? He's just trying to make a buck, and maybe get back in the political race.

And talking about childish behavior: Joe Barton reading a paper while Gore is talking, Inhofe trying to embarrass Gore by exposing Gore's piggish, personal energy usage, and Pelosi mocking Inhofe with her ability to wield the gavel. They sound like a bunch of schoolchildren.

By Traci Watson, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — Al Gore returned Wednesday to packed crowds in the halls of power, offering ideas on how to reduce global warming that were met with skepticism from some of his former Republican colleagues.
The former vice president, whose global-warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth won two Oscars last month, demanded that lawmakers "show courage" by taking dramatic steps to curb changes in the Earth's climate. Among the steps Gore suggested: a ban on incandescent light bulbs and a freeze on the USA's yearly emissions of gases linked to global warming.
'HOT' TOPICS: Purpose found off the campaign trail
"We do not have time to play around with this," Gore warned several dozen members of the House science and energy committees. "We do not have the luxury of playing political football." He called the situation a "planetary emergency."

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my2cents said...

Often times, the behavior of our politicians does not always instill a lot of confidence.
How much faith can we have that there will be a fair debate in Congress when Rep. Barton refuses to listen to testimony, or when other members (Rep. Hastert who called Gore a movie star and agreed that the science is settled and Rep. Markey who called Gore a prophet) seem to be less than open minded.

Peter said...

I don't know.......somehow we vote for them, you know what they say, you get what you pay for.