Monday, March 19, 2007

Kelly is my number one research assistant, thanks so much for this:

Hi Peter,
I searched the links in that last article I send you about Gore (and then linked from those articles too theirs) and found all sorts of crazy stuff online. You know, Gore is a nominee for an Academy Award this Sunday for his documentary. One article I read said with that prestigious award and a possible Nobel Prize at the end of the year, Gore has a very good shot at winning the Presidency. It's all over the liberal blogs. I read where some are calling him a prophet. Other articles talked about the psychological affects of Global Warming, one asking the question, Is Al Gore bad for your mental health? Apparently, Global Warming is to today what the threat of a nuclear war was 50 years ago. Kids have reported lack of sleep and fits of depression because of the Earth's impending doom. Koyoto was mentioned a lot.. someone suggested Branson should give that $25 million prize for a solution to the very real and imminent threat of starving children around the world... there was talk of junk science and Republican greed.. etc, etc.. This is a huge subject of discussion and debate around the world. I think it's only gonna get crazier. Anyhow, as I was reading, I remembered one of the sources Crichton listed in the back of his book. Penn and Teller have a show, on Showtime, I think, called Bullshit. Here's a video of one of the episodes Crichton mentioned..

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Peter said...

That video on youtube is just too funny, but it's kind of sad at the same time. It makes it easy to see how people are fooled and manipulated. Di-hydrogen oxide sounds deadly, doesn't it? Almost as bad as carbon dioxide. What are they teaching in schools anyway? Thanks again for your input.