Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is one of the graphics used to get people all riled up about so called "greenhouse gases", in this case carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Of course every time we exhale we emit CO2, but nobody mentions that. Carbon dioxide sounds so evil, doesn't it? Plants need it as part of their growth process. We drink it every day in our carbonated beverages. Real dangerous stuff, isn't it!

Here's what just one of the leading scientists says about carbon dioxide as it relates to global warming. Are you listening Big Al? (I doubt it.) Maybe Congress will listen. I have a novel idea, send this to every member of Congress. In fact send this whole blog to them....

This is from Dr. Reid A. Bryson, "the Father of Modern Climatology":
Click here for the entire article:

These are what he feels are some very major and important misconceptions:

2. It is a fact that the warming of the past century was anthropogenic in origin, i.e. man-made and due to carbon dioxide emission. Wrong. That is a theory for which there is no credible proof. There are a number of causes of climatic change, and until all causes other than carbon dioxide increase are ruled out, we cannot attribute the change to carbon dioxide alone.

3. The most important gas with a "greenhouse" effect is carbon dioxide. Wrong. Water vapor is at least 100 times as effective as carbon dioxide, so small variations in water vapor are more important than large changes in carbon dioxide.

5. I am arguing that the carbon dioxide measurements are poorly done. Wrong. The measurements are well done, but the interpretation of them is often less than acceptably scientific.

6. It is the consensus of scientists in general that carbon dioxide induced warming of the climate is a fact. Probably wrong. I know of no vote having been taken, and know that if such a vote were taken of those who are most vocal about the matter, it would include a significant fraction of people who do not know enough about climate to have a significant opinion. Taking a vote is a risky way to discover scientific truth.


my2cents said...

All this map shows is that industrialized nations emit more CO2 than the rest of the world. Not too surprising. What it doesn't show is that nearly half of the worlds CO2 emissions in 2003 came from China who, by the way, are exempt from the requirements under the Kyoto Treaty. Predictions are that most of the growth in carbon dioxide emissions over the next several decades will come from developing countries.. none of whom are fall under the restrictions of the treaty.

The map is as changeable as the weather.. and as Bryson says, there's not enough evidence to prove it's correlation to Global Warming.

Peter said...

My understanding is one idea is for wealthy "polluting" countries will pay to help poor "polluting" countries to reduce their emissions. That's called spreading the wealth, leveling the playing field, one big government, one big happy world.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the idea is just to destroy the wealthy industrialized countries.