Monday, March 19, 2007

Jumping to conclusions on the environment?

Another from Kelly,

One of the things that scares me is that a bunch of emotionally charged
people rushing to make drastic changes, before considering all the facts, could
do more harm than good. Sorta sounds like how we ended up in Iraq, huh? :) Finding alternatives to burning fossil fuels would help solve some problems on many
levels. I think we oughta do more to reduce the amounts of pollutants we've been
spreading around. And I'm guessing there's some good science getting lost amidst
the growing Global Warming hysteria. It's scary.. doing all the wrong things for
all the wrong reasons, or even for the right reasons.. could make problems

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Peter said...

You're trying to provoke me aren't you? Comparing the hysteria over global warming with the fear of "weapons of mass destruction" supposedly in Iraq. That's unfair.

You know I and even most Democrats believed Iraq had WMD's. Someone made a big mistake. Even "Soldier of Fortune" magazine said Iraq had WMD's. I've since cancelled my subscription. I don't like being fooled.

I wonder who is going to cancel Al Gore for misleading us?