Friday, March 23, 2007

More On Polar Bears, What Is The Truth?

Here is a typical article about Polar Bears and how they are being threatened by global warming. The implication is obvious, since the author assumes man is the cause of global warming, then man, meaning we, taxpayers, must do something drastic to save the Polar Bears. Believers in man-caused global warming claim it is a "moral issue". I think we are being scammed, conned and taken for suckers. But let's read the article and see what others have to say.


Global warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice

They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe, their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming.
Captured on film by Canadian environmentalists, the pair of polar bears look stranded on chunks of broken ice.
Although the magnificent creatures are well adapted to the water, and can swim scores of miles to solid land, the distance is getting ever greater as the Arctic ice diminishes.
"Swimming 100 miles is not a big deal for a polar bear, especially a fat one," said Dr Ian Stirling of the Canadian Wildlife Service.
"They just kind of float along and kick. But as the ice gets farther out from shore because of warming, it’s a longer swim that costs more energy and makes them more vulnerable."

Note: The article is much longer and contains great detail about the recent UN report detailing the global warming crisis. Here is what people had to say about the article and the plight of polar bears.

All this from the same UN that stole billions in the oil for food scandal, now they want a global tax to combat global warming. Yea sure, I trust em!- Phil Bickel, Columbus, Ohio

This "so-called" global warming threat is entirely political and will lead to the US signing the Koyoto Treaty, which will cost American taxpayers untold millions. THAT is the dirty little secret the media is not telling the public.- Renee Cameron, Dallas

This is heartbreaking, polar bears are majestic, beautiful creatures, and the fact that they are suffering for man's mistakes is a tragedy. Governments need to take action and FAST to stop global warming - the world can be a beautiful place, lets try and keep it that way, before it really is too late.- Victoria Kerr, London, UK

Sad, sad to see such beauty endangered!- Gordon Levy, Boca Raton, Florida

What happened to the polar bears 10,000 years ago when the Great Ice age ended? Nothing. What happened to the polar bears during the 10th to 13th centuries when the planet underwent a climate warming? Nothing. What happened to the polar bears during warming trend during the Dust Bowl years? Nothing. Who was driving all the SUVs back then? Why, all of a sudden are they threatened now? Climate change is a natural process from the *SUN.* The Sun is a slightly variable star and will make things hotter and colder. Survival of the fittest people. Some animals will die and some will adapt and survive. Prior to 100,000 years ago Polar Bears haven't even evolved yet. Who's crying for the loss of the Brown Bears that disappeared as the Polar Bears came into existence? Puleeeze. Al Gore and Laurie David cry to give up your SUV's and buy a bike. Then they fly off around the country in their chartered jets that spew more pollution in one transcontinental flight than an SUV running for months.- Kevin, USA

Man made Global Warming is a Leftist religion and political movement. First they scare us with THIER lies and then try to have us believe that THEY are the ones that can save us if only they are just given the power. - K. Godfrey, Kensington, USA

There is no question that the earth is in another cyclical warming trend based on shrinkage of the glaciers in most parts of the world, except in Antarctica. Multiple ice ages and evidence of the tropical conditions in the past in the extreme northern latitudes confirms the cooling and warming cycles of Earth long preceded the man induced carbon dioxide additions to the atmosphere. But, where is the proof of man’s complicity in this warming trend. I do not care how many scientists have a consensus that man is causing this. Science is based on facts and proof, not consensus.And where is this article’s historical perspective on how ancient Europeans’ benefited from former periods of global warming – bumper crops in extended agricultural lands, currently uninhabited lands are opened to man with rising temperatures? This is about doom and gloom, more money for the scientists to study. - Rene Latiolais, Newnan, Georgia

The population of Polar Bears is actually INCREASING, and in past warmer periods the Polar Bear has thrived.- Jeff, Brooklyn Park, MN USA

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my2cents said...

I have yet to read any report that provides evidence for a shrinking polar bear population. Most of the 'tragedies' that are being reported by those who support AGW are only predictions of what could happen.. more scare tactics.

I believe the polar bears are being used because of the emotions they provoke. "Such beautiful, majestic creatures." Without images of adorable polar bears, environmentalists have a difficult time convincing people to care that the Artic, the coldest place on Earth, might get a little warmer.

Have you heard any news lately about the walrus?