Thursday, March 22, 2007

Global Warming Skeptics

If you have any faith in Wikipedia, consider this from their article about Global
Warming Skeptics.
So much for the often-claimed statement that there is
an agreement among scientists about the validity of man-caused global
warming and there is no room for further debate.

How much of the following list of skeptics is true? I don't know, it certainly is enough to make me highly suspicious of what the true believers of Al Gore are spewing out.

Why is Al Gore in such a frenzy to push his agenda? Maybe because he is thinking of
election day, 2008. Maybe he knows the clock is ticking and he is bound to
be proven wrong and his whole crusade nothing but a fraud.

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This category includes people and organisations who have expressed skepticism regarding the mainstream scientific view that human activity is responsible for recent global warming.
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[+] Former global warming skeptics
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Global warming controversy
Scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming
Khabibullo Ismailovich Abdusamatov
Claude Allègre
Bruce Anderson
Sallie Baliunas
Timothy F. Ball
Robert Balling
Fred Barnes (journalist)
Joe Barton
Glenn Beck
Bruno Behrend
David Bellamy
Tom Bethell
Roy Blunt
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Nigel Calder
Robert M. Carter
Alan Caruba
Ian Castles
Cato Institute
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
George V. Chilingar
John Christy
Ian Clark
Climate Audit
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Cooler Heads Coalition
Philip Cooney
Piers Corbyn
Michael Crichton
John Lawrence Daly
David Deming
Robert E. Davis (climatologist)
Chris de Freitas
David Douglass
Paul Driessen (author)
Martin Durkin (television director)
Myron Ebell
Fraser Institute
F cont.
Friends of Science
Eigil Friis-Christensen
Michael Fumento
George C. Marshall Institute
William M. Gray
Tom Harris (lobbyist)
David R. Hawkins
Heartland Institute
Robert Henderson (writer)
Heritage Foundation
High Park Group
Peter Hitchens
Lester Hogan
Craig D. Idso
Keith E. Idso
Sherwood B. Idso
Andrey Illarionov
Jim Inhofe
International Policy Network
Zbigniew Jaworowski
Penn Jillette
William Kininmonth (meteorologist)
Václav Klaus
Theodor Landscheidt
Lavoisier Group
Nigel Lawson
Douglas Leahey
David Legates
Marcel Leroux
G. Gordon Liddy
Rush Limbaugh
Richard Lindzen
Michelle Malkin
Ross McKitrick
Stephen McIntyre
Patrick Michaels
Steven Milloy
Forrest Mims
Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
Patrick Moore (environmentalist)
Luboš Motl
M cont.
Kary Mullis
Tad Murty
National Center for Policy Analysis
Natural Resources Stewardship Project
Oregon Petition
Jane Orient
Trey Parker
Benny Peiser
Penn & Teller
Melanie Phillips
Jerry Pournelle
Paul Reiter
Rick Rydell
Arthur B. Robinson
Michael Savage (commentator)
James R. Schlesinger
Laura Schlessinger
Peter Schwartz (writer)
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Scientific Alliance
Frederick Seitz
Nir Shaviv
Julian Lincoln Simon
Fred Singer
Fred L. Smith
Willie Soon
Thomas Sowell
Roy Spencer
Mary Starrett
Matt Stone
John Stossel
Philip Stott
Brian Sussman
Hendrik Tennekes
The Great Global Warming Swindle
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming: (and Environmentalism)
Jan Veizer
Peter Walsh (politician)
Edward Wegman
Western Fuels Association
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Anonymous said...

between "scientists"???

or do you mean disagreement between scientists, and combo limelighters and industry shills?

Peter said...

Are you saying the above list of scientists are all "limelighters" and/or "industry shills"?

If anyone is an industry shill, it's Al Gore. He is making millions by promoting this global warming scare. And what do you think of his business ties to companies selling "carbon offsets"?