Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stan Rogers and The Northwest Passage


Here is a musical and video tribute to a great, now gone Canadian songwriter and singer. It is titled "One Warm Line." He had a unique feel and appreciation for Canada's wilderness, environment and history. This is very well worth watching and listening to. In particular the song "Northwest Passage" describes the search for the passage from the Atlantic Ocean, through the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Imagine how much shorter this would have been than going around either South America, or Africa. What a tragedy that Stan Rogers died so young. At least we have his music. Click on the following http link to watch and listen to the video tribute to Stan Rogers. It is truly wonderful.

or here:
Stanley Allison "Stan" Rogers (November 29, 1949June 2, 1983) was a Canadian folk musician and songwriter.
Rogers was noted for his rich, baritone voice and his finely-crafted, traditional-sounding songs which were frequently inspired by Canadian history and the daily lives of working people, especially those from the fishing villages of the Maritime provinces and, later, the farms of the Canadian prairies and Great Lakes. Rogers died in a fire aboard an airliner on the ground at the Greater Cincinnati Airport at the age of 33. His influence on Canadian folk music has been deep and lasting.

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