Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exposing The Hoax That Is Man-caused Global Warming

I've been away a long time.  Maybe I  will continue this blog.  The following article is very good. 

Santa Clause, Easter Bunnies, And Catastrophic Global Warming

This article was written by Richard Rothschild and originally published at Freedom Outpost
I never deny climate change. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time.  I simply reject hysteria and theories that suggest catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 based climate change is occurring.
There’s a reason the left has changed vernacular; Global Warming is now Climate Change, and Sea Level Rise is now Storm Surge.   Scientists have not been able to demonstrate a correlation with their radical CO2 warming theories, so they now repackage their movement with even vaguer wording.
global warming hype
Furthermore, even in theory, if you assumed CO2 was the substantive driver of climate,  CO2 abatement schemes large enough to be effective would be unaffordable;  and those schemes small enough to be affordable would be ineffective. For example:  To reduce the earth’s temperature one degree with CO2 abatement would require an investment equivalent to 130 years GDP of the entire planet, or more than $4,000,000,000,000,000 (4 quadrillion dollars).  It ain’t happening.
  • The question is not whether climate is changing… it has been changing for eons. The proper questions are:
  • Is change exceeding usual cyclical variations?
  • If so, is the variance substantial?
  • Do the negative impacts outweigh the positive impacts?
  • If so, are any changes likely to be catastrophic?
  • If so, what are the true drivers (causes)?
  • Can change be conclusively correlated with any human activities?
  • How large of a component do human activities play?
  • If manmade, can we reasonably abate them?
  • What is the most appropriate coping mechanism? General abatement or focused adaptation?
I recommend you read the U.S. Senate Minority Report containing statements from 700 scientists rebutting Climate Change.  Several of the scientists were previously involved with the UN-IPCC, and to put it bluntly, they say it just ain’t so, and the 52 scientists on the IPCC are wrong.
Charts I have seen of worldwide cyclonic energy, worldwide temperatures, etc. do not corroborate CO2 theories. Claims of increased damage from hurricanes and storms are a function of increased development and infrastructure in vulnerable areas… NOT more violent storms.
Claims in Maryland of rising sea level are actually a function of settlement of land masses.  Furthermore, usual and customary sea level rise elsewhere of 3mm a year (ten inches per century) hardly qualifies as catastrophic.   Besides, if Maryland’s Governor O’Malley and his Department of Planning REALLY believed this bunk, they wouldn’t be constructing more subways underground.
Maryland will spend $17 Billion attempting to reduce Greenhouse Gases over the next decade. You’ll be pleased to know that this effort, if successful, will reduce the temperature of Maryland by 1/20,000 of one degree. Unfortunately, we have no way of measuring anything this small. So even if the program is a success, we’ll have no way of knowing it.
I attended a convention where they asked a scientist from the University of Colorado who believes in manmade CO2 based global warming, “What would need to happen to get you to admit you were wrong?”
His answer, “The current cooling trend would have to continue for another 10 to 20 years.”
The “Climateers” argue that most scientific papers support their theories. Of course, nearly 100% of all government research grants are commissioned with a charge to demonstrate global warming exists. Clearly, it should be no surprise when universities and non-profits eager for follow-on grants give the government exactly the so-called science it requests.  After all… if they produce conclusions counter to what the government wants, they get no more money.
People ask, why do you call them “Climateers?” Simply because they are the only crisis centric group that becomes genuinely disappointed when evidence is produced that demonstrates their fears may be unfounded. Amusing.
Environmental exaggeration provides the rubric government needs to scare children, scare adults, and justify unacceptable encroachments on our constitutional freedoms.
Of course the smoking gun that says it all was the recent statement by the former undersecretary of the Marxist UN-IPCC and Ottmar Edenhofer who made the  statement, “… that we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

I agree with the 700 scientist(s) in the Senate Report who conclude that claims of CO2-based catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the human race.
We need our teachers to take the lead, and start teaching our children both sides of this debate and stop indoctrinating them with one-sided government paid-for propaganda.

And finally, as Mark Twain once said, “It is easier to fool a man than to convince him that he’s been fooled.”