Friday, July 11, 2014


The Death of Science in our public schools.

Doesn't science involve inquiry, hypothesis, testing, and creative thinking?  Since most of our public education is government-controlled, it has become politicized, and in my opinion, mortally wounded.  So now we teach dogma and ideology, regardless of facts.  Specifically, consider what passes for "climate science".   Anyone not speaking the "party line" is derogatorily called a "denier", or worse.  Our schools and our country are in deep trouble because we're raising generations of obedient little robots who never learn to think for themselves.  Some liberal knows what is right and what is "best" for them, and that is all they are taught.

Consider how low we have sunk when we have liberals dictating what is taught in our public schools. This is an old story that seems to be getting worse. It makes one fear for the future of America. Think about this quote taken from he following article.

“I think having some sort of a mandate and a standard about whats taught is really crucial, because there’s a lot of variance in this state — I’m in a progressive area, but in the rest of the state, there are probably a lot... of climate deniers who are teachers,” she said. “I think they just need to know that you can have those views but you can’t teach them in school. You have to teach real science.”