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A List Of Prominent Scientists Skeptical Of Man-Caused Global Warming

The following is an impressive list of prominent scientists who are skeptical of the myth of man-caused global warming. It is worth saving and reading as many articles as possible. It come from here:

Some Skeptics and their ideas, views and works.

01) Reid Bryson Ph.D.* - Called the father of modern scientific climatology
- Global Warming? Some common sense thoughts

02) Freeman J Dyson-professor emeritus of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
Freeman Dyson on Global Warming Part 1 of 2
- Freeman Dyson on Global Warming Part 2 of 2
-The Science and Politics of Climate

03 )Jan VeizerPh.D.-Distinguished University Professor Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa
Esteemed Ottawa scientist says cosmic rays, not greenhouse gases, cause global warming

04) Syun-Ichi Akasofu Ph.D.- Founding Director International Arctic Research Center
- Misleading Information on Global Warming
-A Clash between the View of Physicists and of Naturalists
-The Recovery from the Little Ice Age (A Possible Cause of Global Warming) and The Recent Halting of the Warming (The Multi-decadal Oscillation)

05) Hans Erren- International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences, Division of Exploration Geophysics, Delft.
-Global Warming Comments

06) Neil Frank - Former Director NHC

07) David H DouglassPh.D. -Professor of Physics,University of Rochester
- A comparison of tropical temperature trends with model predictions

08) Gordon SwatersPhD,Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Research GroupUniversity of Alberta

09) John Christy Ph.D.- Professor and Director Earth System Science Center, NSSTC-
University of Alabama in Huntsville
- My Nobel Moment
Video "what do the numbers show"

10) Peter Stilbs-Professor Physical Chemistry at KTH
-Global Warming - Scientific Controversies in Climate Variability

11) James Spann
Global warming movement turns cool

12) Claude Allegre - French Minister of National Education, Research and Technology

13) Chris de Freitas -Associate Professor, Deputy Director of School,Environmental climatology,The University of Auckland
-Are observed changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere really dangerous?

14) Christopher Landsea - Hurricane Research Division Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory NOAA
-Letter of resignation from IPCC

15) Robert Geigenngack Ph.D.-Professor Department of Earth and Environmental Science University of Pennsylvania
- Al Gore Is a Greenhouse Gasbag

16) William Cotton Ph.D.-Professor The Department of Atmospheric Science CSU
-Global Climate Change: A Skeptics Perspective

17)James O'Brien Ph.D.- Former Director, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University
-Atlantic Hurricanes: The True Story-Skeptics Speak Out Video

18) Simon Brassell

19) Danial Botkin -Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara.
-Science and soothsaying

20) Petr Chylek Ph.D.- Senior Scientist , Space and Remote Sensing Sciences, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences, Dalhousie University
-Limits on climate sensitivity derived from recent satellite and surface observations
- Greenland warming of 1920-1930 and 1995-2005

21) Antonio Zichichi- President of the World Federation of Scientists

22)Henrik Svensmark director of the Centre for Sun-Climate Research, at the Danish Space Research Institute
-Influence of Cosmic Rays on Earth's Climate

23) Richard S. Lindzen' Ph.D.- MIT Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
- Is There a Basis for Global Warming Alarm?
-The Fluid Envelope
-Climate of Fear

24) Anthony Lupo Ph.D.- Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science the University of Missouri Columbia.
Global Warming Is Natural, Not Man-Made
-Hot Air
-Anthropogenic Global Warming: A Skeptical Point of View

25) Marcel Leroux- Professor of Climatology at Jean Moulin University in France, and the director of the Laboratory of Climatology, Risk, and Environment.
-There’s No Global Warming, Because There’s No Global Climate

26)George Kukla Ph.D. EGU Milutin Milankovic Medallist 2003

27) Edward J Wegman Ph.D.-Professor at the Center for Computational Statistics at George Mason University
-Congressional Testimony on "Hockey Stick"

28) Boris Winterhalter -Retired Senior Research Scientist and Coordinator at the Geological Survey of Finland.
My views on Global Warming and especially on the man-made hype

29) Christoph Borel -Ph.D.Senior Technical Manager, Ball Aerospace

30)G. Cornelis van Kooten-Professor of Economics and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies & Climate, University of Victoria

31) Gerhard Kramm- Professor University of Alaska Fairbanks, College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Global warming and Fairbanks’ power solution

32) Rafael Wust -Professor Marine Geology/Sedimentology, James Cook University

33) Robert M. Carter- Research Professor at James Cook University
Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause?
- Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4

34) George Taylor Ph.D. -Former State of Oregon Climatologist
A Consensus About Consensus

35) Patrick J. Michaels-Ph.D. Past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and former program chair for the Committee on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society
Not So Hot

36) Geoff Austin -Professor The Department of Physics The University of Auckland New Zealand

37) Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen- Research Professor at James Cook University

38) Joseph D’Aleo-former Professor of Meteorology at Lyndon State College and the first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel
Warmest Year Declaration Full of Pitfalls!
Skeptics Speak Out Video

39) Nir Shaviv
Carbon Dioxide or Solar Forcing?
The inconvenient truth about the Ice core Carbon Dioxide Temperature Correlations

40) William Gray Ph.D.-Professor Emeritus CSU Department of Atmospheric Science
Hurricanes and Climate Change

41) S. Fred Singer Ph.D.-Distinguished Research Professor at George Mason University and professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia
Testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate

42) Roy Spencer Ph.D.-received the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal in 1991, the MSFC Center Director’s Commendation in 1989, and the American Meteorological Society’s Special Award in 1996.- -NOT THAT SIMPLE GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT WE DON'T KNOW
Cloud and radiation budget changes associated with tropical intraseasonal oscillations
The Sloppy Science of Global Warming

43) Mike McConnell -Forest Hydrologist, U.S. Forest Service
Open Letter to Dr. Robert Davila and Gallaudet Community

44 Indur M. Goklany- US Department of the Interior

45 Ian D. Clark -Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

46 Oliver W. Fraunfeld- CIRES-Contributing Author to the IPCC Working Group 1 Fourth Assessment Report.

47 Robert E DavisPh.D. - Professor Atmospheric Sciences University of Virginia
Climate Cycle or Climate Psychic?

48) R. Timothy Patterson -Director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre
Read the Sunspots
The Geologic Record and Climate Change

49) David R. Legates Ph.D.-Director of the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Delaware. State Climatologist for Deleware
Where's the Data?
Revising 1,000 Years of Climate History

50) Eric Posmentier Ph.D.- Professor Earth Sciences Dartmouth University

51)Ben Herman Ph.D.- Professor University of Arizona's Department of Atmospheric Physics

52) Robert C. Balling Jr .-Ph.D.Professor of Climatology, Arizona State University
Inconvenient Truths Indeed

53) Thomas Schmidlin -Professor of Geography at Kent State University and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist.

54) Willem de Lange - Professor Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of Waikato

55) Don J. Easterbrook -Professor Emeritus Department of Geology Western Washington University -Global warming: Are we heading for global catastrophy in the coming century?

56) Stewart Franks -Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering,The University of Newcastle

57) Robert L. Kovach - Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, Stanford University

58) Fred Michel -Director, Institute of Environmental Science Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, Carleton University
Letter to the editor of the Toronto Star

59) Robert H. Essenhigh - Bailey Professor, Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University
Does CO2 really drive global warming?

60) Philip Lloyd - UN IPCC co-coordinating lead author on the Technical Report on Carbon Capture & Storage

61) Charles Wax -Professor of Geography Mississippi State University and State Climatologist for Mississippi

62) Nils-Axel Mörner - Retired head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University
Claim That Sea Level Is Rising Is a Total Fraud

63) Salomon Kroonenberg - Full Professor of Geology at the Department of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology

64) Willie Soon-Physicist at the Solar, Stellar, and Planetary Sciences Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
What is the Earth's 20th Century Temperature Trend?

65) Jay H. Lehr -Science Director with the Heartland Institute and President of Environmental Education Enterprises

66) Arthur V. Douglass Retired Chair of the Atmospheric Sciences Department Creighton University

67) Garth Paltridge-Emeritus Professor, former Director of the Institute of Antarctic and Southern
Ocean Studies, and CEO of the Antarctic Co-operative Research Center
The Politicised Science of Climate Change

68) Lee C.Gerhard-Senior Scientist Emeritus, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
Geologic Constraints on Global Climate Variability

69) Ole Humlum-Professor of Physical Geography at the Institute of Geosciences, University of Oslo, -Climate 4 You web site (excellent)

70) Olavi Kärner Research Scientist atmospheric science, Tartu Observatory, Estonia

71) Gerald E Marsh- retired physicist, Argonne National Laboratory,
Climate Change: The Sun’s Role

72) Frederick Wolf -Professor of Physics, KEENE STATE COLLEGE

73) Tom Victor Segalstad-Associate Professor of Resource- and Environmental Geology at the University of Oslo.
CO2 and the "Greenhouse Effect" Doom

74) Bjarne Andresen-Professor of Physics Ørsted Laboratory, University of Copenhagen
Global temperature -- politics or science?

75) John T. Everett.-Former Director of NOAA Fisheries Division of Research, Member National Academy of Sciences Panel on Ecosystem Indicators of Climate Change, IPCC lead author and reviewer
Congressional Testimony, April 2007

76) Chris Walcek-Atmospheric scientist and Professor, University of Albany (N.Y.); Senior Research Associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
Chris Walcek Interview

77) James P. Koermer -Atmospheric scientist and Professor of Meteorology and the director of the Meteorological Institute at Plymouth State University

78) Jos de Latt- Specialist in atmospheric composition and climate research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Mixing Politics and Science in Testing the Hypothesis That Greenhouse Warming is Causing a Global Increase in Hurricane Intensity,

79) William Kininmonth - former Head National Climate Centre, Australian Bureau of Meteorology; former Australian delegate to World Meteorological Organization Commission for Climatology, Scientific and Technical Review
Don't be Gored into going along

80) Yuri A. Izrael - Vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Former first vice-president of the World Meteorological Organization,
UNEP Sasakawa Prize

81) Frederick Seitz*- Former president of the National Academy of Sciences and former president of Rockefeller University.

82) R. W. Gauldie- Research Professor, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, School of Ocean Earth Sciences and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

83) Ryan N. Maue-Researcher Department of Meteorology, Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies Florida State University- Inconvenient 2007 Tropical News

84) Richard S. Courtney- Professor Geography Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Biofuels: a solution worse than theproblem they try to address?

85) Denis G. Rancourt- Full Professor Department of Physics. Member of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics, Member of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre

86) Ian Pilmer-Professor of Mining Geology Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide
Global warming a damp squib

87) Brian Pratt -Professor Sedimentology, Paleontology-Geology University of Saskatchewan
-Global Warming: An alternative view

88) Nicola Scafetta-Research Scientist, Department of Physics, Duke University
Is climate sensitive to solar variability?

89) Nathan Paldor- Professor of dynamical meteorology and physical oceanography, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Institute of Earth Sciences; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

90) Antón Uriarte-Professor of climatology of the Basque Country, Spain

91) Mel Goldstein Professor Meteorology Western Connecticut State University, WTNH Hartford CN

92) Howard Hayden- Professor of Physics Emeritus University of Connecticut
-Skeptics Speak Out
A Primer on CO2 and Climate, 2nd Edition
Global Warming: More Hot Air

93) Richard C. Wilson, Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems Research, Principle Investigator ACRIM Science Computing Facility

94) Lance Endersbee-Emeritus Professor former Dean of Engineering and former Pro-Vice Chancellor at Monash University in Melbourne,Australia.
Global climate change has natural causes:

95) Craig James-Chief Meteorologist and the Director of Weather Services, WOOD Grand Rapids Michigan

96) John K. Sutherland-Chief Scientist, Edutech Enterprises
Anthropogenically driven Global Warming (AGW): Some pro and con comments

97) James A. Peden- Former Atmospheric Physicist at the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh and Extranuclear Laboratories in Blawnox, Pennsylvania
Editorial: The Great Global Warming Hoax?

98 Patrick Moore- Founding Member and former Director of Greenpeace International

99) John Coleman-Founder of Weather Channel,KUSI San Diego CA
Comments on Global Warming

100) K. Russell DePriest, - nuclear engineer at Sandia National Laboratories

101) Phil Chapman-Former NASA Astronaut, geophysicist and astronautical engineer

102) Anthony Watts-Chief Meteorologist for KPAY-AM
Surface Station.Org

103) Stanley B. Goldenberg-Meteorologist with the Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOA

104) Paul Cooper-Professor Emeritus, Department of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University

105) G Cornelis van Kooten- Professor of Economics and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies & Climate

106)-John Kettley - UK atmospheric scientist formerly of the Met Office and the Fluid Dynamics Department at the Bracknell headquarters

107) Glenn E. Shaw:-Professor of Physics, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska,

108) R.G. Roper-Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

109) Peter Friedman- Assistant Professor,The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Global warming "” right on schedule"

110) W.John Maunder,-President of the Commission for Climatology of the World Meteorological Organization from 1989 to 1997

111 quasigeostropic- Bachelor of Science Meteorology, FLorida State University

112) Michael R. Fox-retired nuclear scientist and university chemistry professor,Senior Fellow for Science at the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii-
The "Hockeystick": The Global Warming Scandal of the Decade,
-Global Warming and Pseudo-Science

113) David Deming-geophysics professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma
U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works Hearing Statement 12/06/2006

114) Dayton L. Alverson-Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Consultants, Inc.

115) Fred W. Decker, Professor of Meteorology at Oregon State University

116) Bob Durrenberger, Retired Climatologist, Former President of the American Association of State Climatologists,

117) Carl Johan Friedrich (Frits) Böttcher, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Physical Chemistry, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

118 Chauncey Starr, Ph.D. Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

119) Clinton H. Sheehan, Ph.D. Physics, University of Western Ontario

120) David L. Hill , Ph.D. Physics, Princeton University

121) David Nowell, M.Sc. Meteorology, Royal Meteorological Society, Canada

122) Duncan Wingham, Ph.D. Physics, University of Bath, UK

123) Eigil Friis-Christensen, Ph.D. Geophysics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

124) George E. McVehil , B.A. Physics, M.S. Ph.D. Meteorology, AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist

125) Hendrik Tennekes, Former Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
My Position on Climate Change by Hendrik Tennekes July 14 2008

126) Joseph (Joe) P. Sobel, Ph.D. Meteorology, Penn State-Sr Vice President Accu Weather

127) Khabibullo Abdusamatov, Ph.D. Astrophysicist, The University of Leningrad

128) Manik Talwani, Ph.D. Physics, Columbia University, Schlumberger Professor Emeritus of Advanced Studies and Research and Research Professor of Earth Science Rice University

129) William M. Briggs, M.S. Atmospheric Science, Ph.D. Statistics,Adjunct Assistant Professor of Statistical Science, Cornell University

130) William E. Reifsnyder, B.S. Meteorology, M.S. Ph.D. Forestry, Yale

131) Tad S. Murty, Ph.D. Oceanography and Meteorology, University of Chicago,

132) Kunihiko Takeda

133) Walter Cunningham Walter Cunningham is America's second civilian astronaut- Apollo 7
In Science, Ignorance is not Bliss

134) Zbigniew Jaworowski-Chairman, Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection Warsaw, Poland
CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time

135) Kelvin Kemm
-There is no evidence man-made CO2 causes climate change

136) Keith D Hage retired professor from the University of Alberta's department of Earth and Atmospheric Science.

137 Walter Starck-PhD (marine science), marine biologist (specialization in coral reefs and fisheries)-Global warming - myth, threat or opportunity

138) Raphael Wust, PhD, Lecturer, Marine Geology/Sedimentology, James Cook University, Australia

139) GEOFFREY G. DUFFY- Professor of Chemical Engineering Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Associate Dean Research, School of Engineering University of Auckland-CLIMATE CHANGE – The real causes

140) Don Aitkin Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Canberra from 1991 to 2002

141) Grant Dade-Meteorologist KLTV East Texas

Kenneth W. Chilton, Ph.D.- Adjunct Fellow, Institute for Study of Economics and the Environment, Lindenwood University

J. Scott Armstrong, Ph.D. -Professor , Wharton University

Tom Addiscott, Ph.D.

Kjell Aleklett Professor in Physics, and head of the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group, at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Bruce N. Ames, Professor of the Graduate School Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology UC Berkley

147) Bjarne Anderson, Ph.D. professor of physics, University of Copenhagen

148) Dennis Avery
Director of the Center for Global Food Issues, and a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute.

149)Sallie Baliunas Associate of the Harvard College Observatory
-Combatting global warming would be a waste
-"Why So Hot? Don't Blame Man, Blame the Sun,"
-"Extreme Weather Events: Examining Causes and Responses,"

150) Tim Ball Ph.D. Former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he founded and directed the Rupertsland Research Centre
-How the world was bullied into silence

151)Albrecht Glatzle, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Biology, University of Hohenheim, Germany

152)Alexander Gumen,Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology and Environmental Geophysics, University of Gomel, Russia

153)Alfred H. Pekarek,Ph.D. Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science, St. Cloud State University, USA

154)Kevin Van Cott, Ph.D. Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

William B. Hubbard, Ph.D. Professor of Planetary Atmospheres, University of Arizona,

Robert G. Williscroft, B.Sc. Marine & Atmospheric Physics, M.Sc., Ph.D. Engineering, USA

Rob Scagel, M.Sc., Forest Microclimate Specialist, Canada

Richard A. Keen, Ph.D. Professor of Climatology, University of Colorado, USA
-Keen's Global warming Quiz

Eckhard Grimmel, Ph.D. Professor of Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany

159)David G. Gee, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D

161) Dr. Pal Brekke, senior advisor to the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo.

162) Andrei Kapitsa-Professor of geography Moscow State University, Discovered Lake Vostok in Antarctica

Old, cold water and hot air

163) Dr. William Happer-Professor at the Department of Physics at Princeton University and Former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy

164)Dr. Takeda Kunihiko, vice-chancellor of the Institute of Science and Technology Research at Chubu University in Japan.

Dr. Arun D. Ahluwalia at Punjab University, Board member of the UN-supported International Year of the Planet.

Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Susan Crockford, PhD (Zoology/Evolutionary Biology/Archaeozoology), Adjunct Professor (Anthropology/Faculty of Graduate Studies), University of Victoria, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

168) Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, physicist and chairman, Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection, Warsaw, Poland
-Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2

169) Dr. Hans H.J. Labohm, former advisor to the executive board, Clingendael Institute (The Netherlands Institute of International Relations) and an economist who has focused on climate change

170) Dr. Asmunn Moene, past head of the Forecasting Centre, Meteorological Institute, Norway

Dr. Albert Arking - Principal Research Scientist at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, since 1992 Previously, he was a Senior Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Delgado Domingos Environmental Scientist Professor -founder of the Numerical Weather Forecast group

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D.

173) A. Alan Moghissi, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Former Director of the EPA's Bioenvironmental Division

174) Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Geophysical Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

175) Allan M.R. MacRae, B.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng

Amy Kaleita Ph.D. Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University

Hysteria's History: Environmental Alarmism in Context

Andreas Prokoph, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science, University of Ottawa

Arthur B. Robinson, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

179) William J.R. Alexander, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria

William (Bill) Bauman, Ph.D. Atmospheric Science

Wibjorn Karlenm, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden

182) Dr.
Cliff Ollier. geologist, geomorphologist, soil scientist, emeritus professor and honorary research fellow, School of Earth and Geographical Sciences University of Western Australia

Bill Collins, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science, James Cook University, Australia

Christopher Essex, Ph.D. Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario, Canada

David Evans , B.Sc. M.A. Applied Mathematics and Physics, M.S. Statistics, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, USA

I Was On the Global Warming Gravy Train
Are Carbon Emissions the Cause of Global Warming?

186) Dr. William M. Schaffer, Professor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, 1982-present

187)Kanya Kusano-program director of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology


"Some of this noise won't stop until some of these scientists are dead" - James Hansen, 2006

Aaron Wildavsky, Ph.D. Political Science, USA (Died: September 4, 1993)

Adrian H. Gordon, Meteorologist, University of South Australia, Australia (Died: April 12, 2000)

August H. Auer Jr., Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science, University of Wyoming, USA (Died: June 10, 2007)

Chauncey Starr, Ph.D. Physics, USA (Died: April 17, 2007)

Duwayne M. Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Texas A&M University, USA (Died: October 4, 2002)

Frederick Seitz, Ph.D. Physics, USA (Died: March 2, 2008)

George H. Sutton, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, University of Hawaii, USA (Died: January 25, 2004)

Heinz Lettau, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, University of Wisconsin, USA (Died: August 4, 2005)

Helmut Metzner, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Botany, University of Tubingen, Germany (Died: September 20, 1999)

James P. Lodge Jr., Ph.D. Consultant in Atmospheric Chemistry, USA (Died: December 14, 2001)

John L. Daly, B.Sc.Econ Economics, UK (Died: January 29, 2004)

John R. Apel, Ph.D. Physics, USA (Died: August 16, 2001)

Julian Simon, B.A. Psychology, Ph.D. Economics, USA (Died: February 8, 1998)

Larry H. Brace, B.S. Physics, USA (Died: August 28, 2005)

Michael Crichton, A.B. Anthropology, M.D. Harvard, USA (Died: November 4, 2008)

Michael J. Higatsberger, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, Austria (Died: January 7, 2004)

Paul Handler, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Illinois, USA (Died: January 24, 1998)

Reid A. Bryson, B.A. Geology, Ph.D. Meteorology, USA (Died: June 11, 2008)

Rhodes Fairbridge, Ph.D. Geology, Australia (Died: November 8, 2006)

Robert E. Stevenson, Ph.D. Oceanography, USA (Died: August 12, 2001)

Robert Jastrow, Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, USA (Died: February 8, 2008)

Roland (R.A.D.) Byron-Scott, Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Meteorology, Flinders University, Australia (Died: January, 2004)
Thomas Gold, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Cornell University, USA (Died: June 22, 2004)

Tor Ragnar Gerholm, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Stockholm, Sweden (Died: June 27, 2007)

William (Bill) A. Nierenberg, Ph.D. Physics, USA (Died: September 10, 2000)

William Mitchell, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Oxford, UK (Died: October 30, 2002)