Saturday, June 30, 2007

Solar Activity and Climate Change: A Consistent Correlation

Here is another article strongly supporting the direct correlation between variations in solar activity and global warming. Before mankind began burning fossil fuels, what caused carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to increase when the climate was warming? Obviously warming causes an increase in carbon dioxide, not the other way around.

Man-caused carbon dioxide emissions can not be causing global warming.

Linkages between
solar activity, climate
predictability and water
resource development*
W J R Alexander, F Bailey, D B Bredenkamp, A van der Merwe and N Willemse
Vol 49 No 2, June 2007, Pages 32–44, Paper 659

This study is based on the numerical analysis of the properties of routinely observed
hydrometeorological data which in South Africa alone is collected at a rate of more than
half a million station days per year, with some records approaching 100 continuous years
in length. The analysis of this data demonstrates an unequivocal synchronous linkage between these processes in South Africa and elsewhere, and solar activity. This confirms observations and reports by others in many countries during the past 150 years.

It is also shown with a high degree of assurance that there is a synchronous linkage
between the statistically significant, 21-year periodicity in these processes and the
acceleration and deceleration of the sun as it moves through galactic space. Despite a
diligent search, no evidence could be found of trends in the data that could be attributed to human activities.

It is essential that this information be accommodated in water resource development and
operation procedures in the years ahead.
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