Friday, June 15, 2007

RM (Bob) Carter

Classification: Global Warming Denier

RM (Bob) Carter
Studies Rock Layers
Research and Background According to a search of 22,000 academic journals, Carter has published over 50 original research in peer-reviewed journal mainly in the area of stratigraphy, in other words the study of rock layers and layering.
Carter and the "Institute for Public Affairs"Carter is on the research committee of an organization called the "Institute for Pulic Affairs" (IPA). The IPA is an Australian-based organization that, according to Sourcewatch, has received funding from the fossil fuel industry. In reference to his involvement with the IPA, Carter stated in a March 15, 2007 Sydney Morning Herald article, that: "I don't think it is the point whether you are paid by the coal or petroleum industry."
Carter "not a credible source" on climate change In response to claims made by Carter that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change uncovered no evidence that global warming was caused by human activity, a former CSIRO climate scientist stated that Carter was not a credible source on climate change and that "if he [Carter] has any evidence that [global warming over the past 100 years] is a natural variability he should publish through the peer review process."
Carter and Tech Central StationCarter has written articles for Tech Central Station. TCS is an organization that has received money from ExxonMobil. Until very recently, TCS was run by Washington lobby/PR firm DCI Group, whcih in turn was at the centre of controversy over a YouTube Al Gore spoof video they produced and posted under the guise of 29-year old amateur filmmaker. ExxonMobil is reported to be a client of the DCI Group.

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