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The Myth Of A Consensus Among Scientists About Global Warming

This comes from "The Great Global Warming Swindle" and can be seen here:

This is one of the greatest misconceptions being used in an effort to silence those scientists and others who are skeptical about the claim that mankind is causing global warming and climate change. Even the quickest search of the Internet reveals an amazing amount and variety of scientific articles, and statements by highly regarded scientists criticizing if not outright disproving nearly every aspect of the man-caused global warming hypothesis.

IPCC & Consensus
One of the biggest barriers to a rational discussion about climatology, is the persistent and sinister use of the ‘consensus’ argument. The idea that there is a consensus between ‘the world’s top scientists’ is used to brow beat politicians, to forestall media criticism of the global warming orthodoxy and to marginalise and ridicule those scientists who dare to speak out against the theory of man made global warming.

Until now, few people have explored the nature of this ‘consensus’. Who are these ‘top scientists’ and who says they all agree? As readers will see, from the few introductory links below, the ‘consensus’ is not all it seems. We urge readers to look at Professor Reiter’s testimony, for example, to the House of Lords.

There are indeed many scientists, journalists and others who have built careers and staked their reputations on man made global warming. We should not accept their protestations that ‘the debate is over’, and ‘there is no more room for doubt’.

The implications on public policy of the global warming alarm (for all of us, in the developed world and even more the developing world) are enormous. We are being asked to turn the world upside down, to stifle industrial progress, in order to address this alleged problem. This is too big an issue for us to rubber-stamp the declarations of a semi-political body such as the IPCC.
Orthodox views have been proved wrong time and again. We were assured, you may remember, by a consensus of scientists in Britain, during the BSE ‘Mad Cow Disease’ alarm that, by now, as much as a third of the British population would be dead from eating contaminated hamburgers. The mad cow apocalypse singularly failed to materialise.

Sadly, we have no option, but to be grown up, to examine the question ourselves, and make up our own minds. Is this global warming alarm built on solid evidence?

On the wider political and economic implications of the global warming alarm we would recommend two excellent books:
“Adapt or Die” - ed. Kendra Okonski
“Sustainable Development” – ed. Julian Morris

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