Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Earth's Carbon Cycle......Fascinating......Complex

Here is a brief exchange between atmospheric scientists:


QUOTE (MDT @ Aug 15 2006, 02:23 AM)
One big source of CO2 that rivals industrial input are forest fires.
But isn't that primarily CO2 that the trees initially took out of the atmosphere to grow? As opposed, that is, to CO2 from carbon that's been sequestered underground for millions of years.

Yes, Which is the same reason why BioFuels are considered CO2 neutral.On the other hand, the release of HUGE quantities of sequestered CO2 from raging forest fires can't be ignored either. While OVER TIME, the forests will regrow and that CO2 will be removed, that is a LONG time period.Further, keep in mind that each year the EARTH outgasses significant quantities of CO2 (far greater than man) and significant quantities are sequestered (some permanently, some semi-permanently, some temporarily) We ONLY guess at the CO2 cycle of the planet, where it all comes from and where it all goes is BEYOND our ability to measure. Arthur

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Anonymous said...

One thing we all need to remember, nature has far greater power then man and that power has yet to even be close to be measured by man.

To think we, as human beings, can have the impact that is being suggested by some is naive.

Sure, we do have some impact. Our impact, however, is small. In addition, the last change I checked ... man is part of nature.

No matter what power of nature we talk about, forest fires, solar activity, etc, this power by nature is huge and our ability to control is nil.

Now excuse me as I take a drive knowing full well I have no impact at all on the yin and yang of the power of nature.