Thursday, May 10, 2007

A War Between The States Brewing Over Global Warming

This global warming/climate change hysteria is getting so out of control that 31 American states are now joining forces to circumvent the Federal Government on its environmental policies. You know what is coming next. It is predictable.

The States are going to be fighting with one another over who is polluting the most and who is the "greenest". Lawyers are going to love it. Call it job security for lawyers and "environmental scientists". Taxpayers and us poor consumers are going to foot the bill. I hope we don't get to the point of having to call out the State National Guard troops for something other than emergency weather relief. I'm not making this up, here is the original article and source.

Dozens of States Sign on to Climate Change Registry( - Creating what they call the largest national effort to take action on climate change, 31 states this week joined a registry designed to track greenhouse gas emissions. But a conservative critic questioned whether any future agreements reached by the participating states would adhere to the U.S. Constitution...

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Anonymous said...

Since states first require congressional approval before they are allowed to participate in any agreements between one another, this Climate Change Registry appears to be more of a ploy to pressure Congress and the administration into action.

I agree this could open the door for potential lawsuits between states, all vying for federal funds, should such federal legislation ultimately succeed. Several legal petitions have already been filed against the US over climate change. And as politically polarized as the nation has become, it's not difficult to imagine additional litigation pitting states against one another.