Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The IPCC Makes A Stupid Statement Again

This from the latest news today, a statement from the United Nations and presumably the IPCC about the increasing usage of "biofuels" like ethanol to reduce pollution and control global warming and climate change. Think of how utterly ridiculous this all is and how little sense it makes. Who is writing this garbage, and most amazing, who is believing it?


U.N.: Not so fast with ethanol, other biofuels
Unchecked growth could see new problems offset climate gains
, report says

ROME - Biofuels like ethanol can help reduce global warming and create jobs for the rural poor, but the benefits may be offset by serious environmental problems and increased food prices for the hungry, the United Nations concluded Tuesday in its first major report on bioenergy.
In an agency-wide assessment, the United Nations raised alarms about the potential negative impact of biofuels, just days after a climate conference in Bangkok said the world had both the money and technology to prevent the sharp rise in global temperatures blamed in part on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Unless new policies are enacted to protect threatened lands, secure socially acceptable land use, and steer bioenergy development in a sustainable direction overall, the environmental and social damage could in some cases outweigh the benefits,” the report stated.

There is more to the article, offered by our ever-stupid, politically-motivated, puppet media. If you want a good laugh, read the remainder of it. The problem is, people are buying into this ethanol, biofuels baloney. The farmers in Iowa may love it, as well as the fertilizer-sellers, tractor-sellers, harvester-sellers, and big corporate farmland owners.

Helping the "rural poor"? Someone must be smoking what they are growing to think we'll
believe that. Worst of all, we the taxpayers are subsidizing it! Not only will we pay more for the fuel, the government is going to give the growers and producers tax credits or incentives to produce the stuff.

Like Willie Nelson, needs a helping hand. Biofuel my ol' Willie says, "On
the road, again........I just can't wait to get on the road again......"



John said...

Interesting post

Peter said...

Thanks john, very concise comment. Would you care to elaborate a bit for our audience?

Anonymous said...

In seems in their rush to create alternative energies, many have neglected to do their homework. Ethanol is not the godsend many hoped it would be. But that hasn't stopped companies and governments, by way of subsidies, of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not only does the production of ethanol threaten the poorest of the poor by raising the costs of the food supply, it also taxes already scare water resources and leads to deforestation which actually increases greenhouse gases.

Ethanol as an alternative fuel is not merely an inadequate solution, but one that creates far greater and much more severe problems than those it attempts to resolve.