Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More On Carbon Credits

Message #7 - 05/23/07 01:12 PM
It seems a lot of people see through the "carbon credit" scam. This is not even taking into account that limiting carbon dioxide emissions will do nothing to stop global warming. The entire concept is totally absurd and a horrendous waste of money. Throw your money away if you like, but please don't try to claim any moral superiority. If anything, buying "carbon credits" just makes someone look very naive and foolish. (see the following discussion)

see here:
Message #1 - 05/22/07 01:05 PM
The desire to make amends for everything from a trip to the Oscars to a morning commute has spawned a plethora of for-profit and nonprofit carbon offset providers, whose offerings run the gamut in terms of how much they cost and what they say they will accomplish. But the growing retail market, which is largely unregulated, also is raising questions among environmentalists who say not all offsets are created equal. What do you think?

Message #2 - 05/22/07 01:42 PM
Let me get this straight, I can just contribute to some business/charity/???? or whatever you want to call it "ease" my conscience! How about some real solutions that everyone can afford. So is Al Gore - do as I say, not as I do?

Message #6 - 05/22/07 01:57 PM
Carbon offsets are indeed a "get out of jail free" card. Guess what folks! The entire world can't buy carbon credits! It's an easy way for the wealthy to assuage their guilty conscience while living a life of surfeit. It's amazing how the "moral" leaders can invent ways to exclude themselves from their own proposed solutions. If you truly care about the environment, and you truly believe what you preach (Al Gore), then walk the walk! Make a real change to your life style. To paraphrase Al's recent statement on Capitol Hill: If the baby (i.e. the world) has a fever, you don't buy temperature offsets; you have to actually do something to help the baby!
How many people would find offsets acceptable for... say... fur coats. "I wear a real fur coat, but it's ok, because I donated 2 regular cotton (or wool) coats for other people to wear." It doesn't work! By the same token, if you truly believe that we need to live a green life, then walk the walk, and lead by example!

Message #11 - 05/22/07 02:20 PM
Hello Al Gore. You elitist's are all the same. You talk the talk but never walk the walk. So it's only the elite, who can afford to buy off their guilty conscience, are allowed to enjoy the luxuries. Kinda sounds like the draft in the War between the North and South where you could buy your out of the draft. The rich stayed home and the poor were sent to war. Maybe Al Gore can spin this concept to third world countries like China and India who are just starting to enjoy the luxuries of indoor plumbing and disposable income. I'm sure they'd look at him like he's got something growing out of his head. Al, just prove your really committed to your cause and live more simple lifestyle

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