Sunday, May 20, 2007

NOVA & Frontline Examine Global Warming

Here is a very good online discussion and presentation on the subject of global warming and climate change. In the introduction they say:

"The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: earth's temperature has risen
during the past century. But is it due to man's use of fossil fuel energy? And
if so, how can we prevent the catastrophic results that some scientists predict
if global warming continues?
In "What's Up with the Weather?" NOVA and
FRONTLINE join forces to investigate the science and politics of one of the most
controversial issues of the 21st century: the truth about global warming."

It is interesting and informative to read the interviews with prominent scientists and gain an appreciation of the complexity of the issue. The interviews can be found here:

"Scientists agree that the earth's temperature has risen. But how much worse
will it get? And, is human activity a factor in the warming?
Here are
interviews with leading proponents and skeptics of global warming's threat."
These interviews were conducted by FRONTLINE/NOVA producer Jon Palfreman.

The entire presentation can be found here:

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