Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Cap-And-Trade Scam

If the global warming issue was only a scientific debate it could easily be dismissed as an intellectual mind game between scientists and computer modelers. It would be comparable to the argument between those who "believe" in evolution, versus those who "believe" in a literal interpretation of the Bible. There would be no end to it and it would not have to be taken seriously.

However, global warming became an emotional, political issue, and now it seems as divisive as the abortion issue, or gun-control, or foreign policy in the Middle East. In other words, it has become a huge issue, one involving enormous power, control, and billions upon billions of dollars. It is past time that rational people take serious notice about what is really going on behind the nightly news and the weather report.

The following article, of which I've posted the majority of, summarizes the idiotic idea of selling or trading carbon caps. It will cost billions and not improve the climate or limit real pollution in any way. In other words, it is a huge SCAM. Yet incomprehensibly, people are falling for it.
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The Great Cap-And-Trade Scam
By Alan Caruba Commentary from the National Anxiety Center May 14,
Of all the crazed global warming proposals being put forth by the new masters of Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barbara Boxer, chairperson of the Public Works Committee, by far the worst would be a mandated cap-and-trade program that would supposedly offset carbon dioxide emissions.

This program is horrid on several counts. First, there is not a scintilla of scientific evidence -- other than disputed and dubious computer models -- to suggest that any significant global warming is occurring. The warming and cooling of the Earth is an entirely natural phenomenon.

Second, carbon dioxide (CO2) plays only a minor role as a so-called greenhouse gas. The predominant greenhouse gas is water vapor produced by the world's oceans. The Earth has been warming since the last Ice Age and, even if a mild warming were to occur, the only result would be an extended period to grow more crops and to enhance the growth of the world's forests that generate the oxygen on which all humans depend for life.

Third, the notion that man-made CO2 emissions -- the result of industrial activity, the use of cars and trucks for transportation, and a host of other things humans do -- is a major contributor to "climate change" is almost too silly to believe. Recently, the European Union identified cow and sheep burping as an even greater threat than human activity, but ruminants have been doing this long before human civilization began.

To get an idea how bogus cap-and-trade emissions credits are, one need only look to see who is behind this spurious campaign. At or near the top of that list is the United Nations for whom global warming has become the Holy Grail. By positioning themselves to save the Earth, the U.N. sets itself up to control all aspects of life upon it. Supporting the U.N. program are the endless non-governmental organizations that benefit from keeping people fearful the Earth will come to an end without their programs to save it.

The adage, however, is "follow the money" and here's where we find the greatest supporters of cap-and-trade emissions credits. Huge financial firms such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are betting they can make billions through government mandated programs in which vast amounts of money move back and forth through "climate exchanges" where companies trade their alleged emissions reduction activities for credits, i.e., real cash.

The absolute worst part of these cap-and-trade emissions programs is the way they will affect the American consumer. A recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) delivered a devastating indictment of the proposal.

In brief, the CBO concluded that the CO2 cap-and-trade scheme would increase home energy costs and the price of gas, unfairly punishing the poor while transferring wealth to the rich who have investments in these industries.

Not one of the nations that signed onto the Kyoto Protocol to limit their CO2 emissions has ever met the standards to which they agreed and none ever will. The cap-and-trade scheme is just another version of these meaningless limits, but one that is designed to enrich those who engage in the smoke-and-mirrors trade in such credits.

If a Democrat-controlled Congress permits this to occur, the global warming scam will have been brought to its full culmination and purpose, the enrichment of those who have been perpetrating it and those who seek to benefit from it.

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