Thursday, May 10, 2007

Environmentalists Skeptical About Biofuels

It seems I'm not the only one who is skeptical about the benefits of "biofuels". This bit of news comes from a fellow friend in favor of a safe and SANE environmental policy.

The environmentalists have helped create a monster that they're now
fighting to keep under control. Greenpeace, along with the WWF, the RSPB,
Friends of the Earth and have placed ads in several newspapers
in the UK "warning the government about the environmental risks of biofuels as
an alternative to petrol and diesel."

Here's the ad..

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Anonymous said...

The IPCC report did exactly what it intended, spread fear throughout the world. As a result, hysterical citizens then began to demand their political leaders enforce policy changes to avert the devastating effects of a climate change crisis.
And this is what happens when politicians react to pressure by potential voters, more intent on retaining power than exercising common sense.