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More Information On Global Warming

Here is yet another web site loaded with information about global warming. It is a bit dated, but still valuable.
See here:

Global Warming
If some environmentalists are to be believed, we are on the verge of massive global climate change which will see a significant rise in sea levels, chaotic weather patterns, and catastrophic droughts all caused by small increase in global average temperature.
This site provides links to resources skeptical of those sort of doomsday scenarios. The articles linked to here are written by a wide variety of people, from scientists to laypeople, and their inclusion here should not be read as an endorsement of their positions.
Just as when dealing with things coming out of the environmentalist camp, you need to use your brain and decide for yourself to what extent global warming poses a threat to humanity.

Articles about global warming on this site:
Ross Gelbspan's Pulitzer Prize (1/22/2004)
New York Times Screws Up Correction of Global Warming Story (7/16/2002)
New York Times Leads in Global Warming Nonsense (7/10/2002)
Coloring the Debate Over Global Warming (7/2/2002)
Typical Al Gore Nonsense on Global Warming (5/14/2002)
Tuvalu Is Not Sinking (3/28/2002)
Climate Change During Medieval Warm Period Very Similar to 20th Century Rise in Temperature (3/24/2002)
Global Warming Shatters Reporter's Abilities to Do Simple Math (3/21/2002)
NBC's Dishonest Coverage of Glacier National Park (10/3/2001)
Richard Lindzen on the NAS Global Warming Report (6/27/2001)
Does CO2 Lead to Global Warming or Vice Versa (6/21/2001)
Does NAS Report Put Bush on the Hot Spot with Global Warming? (6/14/2001)
The Problem with Media Coverage of Global Warming (4/19/2001)
Does Global Warming Necessarily Mean More Disease? (4/12/2001)
A Leftist Opposed to the Global Warming Treaty (11/8/2000)
Feeling the Heat (10/31/2000)
What Is Stephen Hawking Talking About? (10/3/2000)
Articles about global warming on other sites:
Basic introduction to global warming
The coming climate - an excellent overview of global warming claims from Scientific American. - lots of information critical of global warming claims
Instant Expert Guide to Global Warming from the Heartland Institute
Long Hot Year: Latest Science Debunks Global Warming Hysteria by Patrick J. Michaels
Questions People Ask About Climate Change by Kenneth Green, D.Env.
Still waiting for greenhouse - well designed with lots of easy to understand graphics
World Climate Report - a comprehensive resource taking a skeptical look at global warming research and claims.
The Scientific Controversy
Is tere a scientific consensus about global warming?
Is there a scientific consensus on global warming?
How accurate are warming predictions?
Where are global temperatures headed?
Is global warming causing extreme weather?
Will global warming cause sea levels to rise?
Could global warming be good for us?

The Political Controversy

The Kyoto Treaty

Media Coverage of Global Warming
Uncategorized links
Holes in the greenhouse effect by Patrick J. Michaels
Cool politics by Jonathan H. Adler
Stay cool from The Economist
Avoiding global warming John McCarthy
Global warming: bad science
Global warming: inventing an apocalypse by Kevin McFarlane
Global Warming Politics
Patrick Michaels testifies before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the Committee on Science by Patrick Michaels
Oz greenhouse sceptic
Global Politics, Political Warming
The Heated Rhetoric of Global Warming by Jerry Taylor
Holes in the Greenhouse Effect? by Patrick J. Michaels
Manmade Global Warming? by Steve Milloy
"Listen to the Rhythm "... of the Wobbling Sun? by Steve Milloy
A Flash of Light in the Darkness by Steve Milloy
Damn the Science, Full Speed Ahead by Steve Milloy
Tree Ring Circus by Steve Milloy
Global Warming Meltdown? by Steve Milloy
More Hot Air Over Global Warming by Steve Milloy
Global Warming, Asteroids and!The Washington Qost by Steve Milloy>/li>
True Confessions (Global Warming-Style) by Steve Milloy !
Global Warming's Dirty Little Secret by Patrick Michaels
The Lethal Hot Air of Summer by Patrick J. Michaels "
Administration Attempts Shoot-Down of Satellite by Patrick J. Michaels
Fighting Fire With Facts by Patrick J. Michaels "
Logic Goes Extinct as Planet Warms by Patrick J. Michaels "
Sun to Blame for Global Warming by John Carlisle
Global warming - is the Sun to blame? from The BBC "
Blazing hot from The New Scientist
Why So Hot? Don't Blame Man, Blame the Sun by Sallie Baliunas
Global warming whining by Fred Singer
Hot enough for you? by Tim Patterson and Tom Harris
The Uncertainty Principle from The Detroit News
Scientific Responsibility in Global Climate Change Research by S. Ichtiaque Rasool
Back-tracking, arm-twisting pervade Bonn global warming meeting by Dave Gorak
Arctic Melts While Logic Fiddles by Patrick J. Michaels (CATO Institute)
Global Warming? from the Detroit News
NET launches misinformation campaign by S. Fred Singer
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