Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today's Thoughts on Global Warming

Here I am, struggling to communicate with others about the science of global warming and climate change. Trying to get beyond politics, and all the fear and hype being pushed on us by the mainstream media and whoever is feeding them their information. Trying to bring some common sense to the issue, here is what I said on MSNBC's "Climate Change".

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Yes, and consider the incredible power and forces that caused 33 major glacial advances and retreats during the past two million years. No geologist or anyone who has taken a Geology 101 course in any college, denies the basics of this. The evidence is everywhere and clearly obvious. What caused these cyclical, recurring global episodes of warming and cooling? It certainly was not the carbon dioxide from man's burning of coal and oil.

What then is the cause of these major global climate changes? What is the major source of heat energy entering the Earth's atmosphere? Obviously, the sun. Hot during the day, cold at night. Warm at the equator, freezing at the poles. How much of a variation in solar energy would it take to cause global climate change? Obviously not very much. Yet we're told man recently adding a "bit" of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is causing "catastrophic" climate change. As they say, "it doesn't take a rocket scientist" to see there is a hoax going on.......a major hoax and a big lie.


Anonymous said...

I think most people understand that the earth and its climate are constantly changing. But many choose to focus on the changes that have occured since we humans have been around. We keep hearing how the changes of the past 100 years are unprecedented throughout history and that human intervention has altered the natural flow of climate change. Some believe we've sped up the normal warming process to the point that we're now facing all the predicted catastrophes.

I think some tend to believe the warnings of the AGW out of fear that those predictions might become reality. Others I think easily accept the news because it fits into their already biased belief that man is greedy and wasteful and responsible for all sorts of wrongdoings. All the historical evidence and new, recently reported scientific data won't convince some people that what's happening now is all part of natures cycle or that our influence on climate change is minimal, at best.

Peter said...

What exactly is your point? Is it that everything is a matter of one's belief, or opinion; and all beliefs and opinions are equally valid, and we should just end the discussion because it is futile to debate personal beliefs?

Is it that some people are always going to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? Is it that we should just trust to our religious leaders and Al Gore to tell us what to do? Is that it?

Peter said...
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Anonymous said...

No Peter, that isn't my point.
In your 'struggle to communicate with others', I believe these are some of the beliefs and opinions you encountered. Whether you believe they are valid or on par with a belief in the Tooth Fairy, isn't the point either.

Not everyone deals with this issue with what you might define as common sense. You might be able to influence some with the evidence you uncover, but not all. Like it or not, some people are swayed more by celebrity and hype, religion and popular opinion, regardless of evidence or common sense. The article you cite in your previous post is a good example.

None of that makes the debate futile. But being able to size up your opponent, to learn his weaknesses, can help you develop a better strategy.

Peter said...

Do you have any ideas for a better strategy? Do you propose a big club, or something like that? Is it the carrot or the stick option, or the whip, or is it the socialist method of taxation? I'm open to suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Although a big club might do the trick, it's not something I'd endorse publicly.

Sometimes the best strategy is to avoid those who don't deal in common sense. Go after the heavy weights, the contenders. Once enough of those are converted, many more will fall in line.

Sheep have a tendency to follow the herd.