Sunday, April 1, 2007

Unstoppable........Another Excellent Review

Here is another excellent review of "Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years". How did this issue ever escape the rational realm of science and become hijacked by politicians and environmental extremists? The following review is also from

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Walter J. Brown "Jim Brown" (San Diego, CA) - See all my reviews Book Review - "Unstoppable Global Warming--Every 1500 Years." The authors are S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery. Singer, a veteran climatologist and author of numerous books, monographs and technical papers, is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia and also serves as Distinguished Research Professor at George Mason University. Among many other accomplishments, he was the first director of the US National Weather Satellite Service. Avery is a senior research fellow at the Hudson Institute (a conservative think tank)and has written on environmental matters for many years.

Singer and Avery accomplish two objectives in this book. First, they explain a new theory of climate change, originated by Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark (his book "The Chilling Stars" is also highly recommended). This theory proposes that the earth's temperature is strongly influenced by small, recurring changes in solar intensity. These periodic changes, in conjunction with cosmic ray activity, cause variability in the earth's cloud coverage, an important factor in determining average temperature.

Second, and equally important, the authors shatter the claims of the global warming alarmists by systematically disproving every extreme claim, including rapidly rising sea levels, devastating drought, species extinction, increased incidence of disease, the "tipping point" argument--you name it.

In addition to demonstrating that there is no scientific "consensus" on climate change (as if that were even important) the book also exposes the disgusting dishonesty of the environmentalists, politicians, and business leaders who are using global warming hysteria to gain power.

The book's greatest virtue is its authors' use of concrete evidence. Singer and Avery cite over 100 scientific papers, pointing out that they excluded hundreds of others due to lack of space. These references cite physical evidence found in polar ice cores, sea sediment from all the oceans, fossilized plankton and pollen, tree rings, cave stalagmites, and even the tooth enamel of dead Vikings.

All the evidence points to a definite temperature cycle of approximately 1500 years. Within these cycles, there are many temperature variations, more extreme than the current modest warming, that obviously have nothing to do with industrial carbon dioxide. The authors even cite strong evidence that we may be on the verge of another multi-decade cooling cycle. Read "Unstoppable Global Warming" if you are interested in the science and politics of climate change.


Anonymous said...

Gore is mostly responsible for creating this worldwide Global Warming scare and he's been one helluva salesman. But even many of those who support human-induced global warming have admitted that Gore's speeches include inaccuracies and exaggerations. He's ignored any scientific data which opposes his hype, played on peoples fears and turned this into a political issue.

Boxorox said...

I happen to be reading "Unstoppable" at the same time that I am struggling through Tim Flannery's "The Weather Makers." Could two written works possibly be more in opposition to one another than these two?? No way!
I started the Flannery junk piece a month ago and can only get through 4-5 pages at a time before anger at his nonsense, stupidity causes me to throw the book against the wall. Singer and Avery's work is refreshing and reassuring that reason in science still exists.

Peter said...

I agree about Al Gore and his irresponsible scare-mongering and turning the whole global warming issue into some kind of political game.

However I think the problems go much deeper than that. Read back to some of my posts here where people see a similarity between the environmental movement and a religious cult. Many of the environmentalists are "true believers" and they will not listen to any amount of fact or reason. Have you ever tried discussing evolution with someone who believes the Earth was created in seven days? They just shut you down, tune you out and dismiss you as a "denier" or a heretic.

I'm afraid it even goes deeper than that. Some say the global warming and catastrophists are really pushing some brand of global socialism, one-world government, led by the "elite" (them) kind of thing. This whole issue is huge. Which is why it concerns me.

Peter said...

Hey, give us a review of "The Weather Makers", by Tim Flannery.
To be fair we're supposed to consider both sides of an issue. Right? I commend you for reading both of the books you mentioned.

I'm with you however, most of the stuff I read about global warming from the "sky is falling" believers just doesn't make any sense, logically or scientifically. And the continued use of scare tactics really irritates me. They pray on people's emotion and lack of science education. Nobody wants to be flooded, or cooked or dried out. Everyone loves polar bears and all Earth's beauty and critters. It would simply be pathetic and laughbable if their "solutions" weren't so dangerous.

The man-caused global warming advocates want to amputate the leg because they have a hang-nail. Better to be cautious and safe than sorry, they say. I say, sure, we all desire to be safe, but at what cost? They want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Peter said...

I've just been reading many of the reviews of Flannery's "The Weather Makers" on

It seems he makes a very convincing case for there being global warming and climate change. (Not many people deny that.) And he documents in detail the many effects this is having on the plants and animals of Earth. (Not many people deny that either.)
However, he as a Paleontologist surely knows that there always has been and always will be climate change.

The BIG question is whether mankind is causing global warming and climate change or are other factors more important? Then there is the question of can we really change the climate for the better?

Does he address those questions?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't attempt to argue the science of global warming with the sort of environmentalists you mention. They operate on blind-faith, and as you say, refuse to listen to reason. But they're the fringe element of society.. always have been. The danger lies in their ability to convert others to their 'cult'. And that ability has been strengthened in part, by their new spokesman, Al Gore.

The best way to avoid an attempt towards a 'one-world' globalization is to fight to retain our freedom. We can't allow ourselves to be frightened into submission. We can't give environmentalists or any other group the power to direct or govern our lives.

Peter said...

It looks to me like reasonable people are losing the battle for "freedom" to the fear-mongering, one-world government idealists, and true believers in man-caused global warming.

Any ideas on how to return some sanity to the issue of global warming? Or do we just pay our increased taxes and all other costs and let nature have her way? (Which she will anyway.)

Anonymous said...

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