Friday, April 20, 2007

The Kerry's New Book On The Environmet

I just came across this and I almost lost my lunch. Can anyone match this level of hypocrisy. The Kerry's are worth how many millions? They own how many mansions? How can anyone take this book and the Kerrys seriously?

For a Moment
John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry talk with Grist about their new book

The environment brought them together. And now, together, they've brought out a book on the environment. (No flip-flop jokes, please!) John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry, who met at an Earth Day rally and started getting chummy at the Rio Earth Summit, have just released This Moment on Earth, in which they argue that grassroots activists are invigorating the green movement. Amanda Griscom Little caught up with the duo and asked about the people they profile, their 2004 campaign experience, and the role the environment will play in the next presidential election.


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh.. does anyone else notice a growing trend, here?
There seems to be a direct correlation between those who've lost presidential elections and men with failing political careers joining the "Climate Doomsayer" ranks.
Should we alert the U.N.?

Of course, I blame Bush...

Peter said...

I'm sure they don't even write the books themselves. They just bankroll some ghostwriter and then sign their names to them. But "stop globlal warming --- save Mother Earth before it's too late!" is the hottest thing going. Isn't politics grand?

Of all the truly serious issues facing our country, they jump on the global warming bandwagon because nobody with an "ounce of conscience" can disagree with saving the environment from catastrophe. To be a prudent skeptic of global warming is political suicide.

Anonymous said...

Sitting quietly on the sidelines and witnessing Gore's resurrection, I'll bet Kerry had his ghostwriters working overtime.

You're right, being an advocate for the environment is a safe, no-lose position these days. But I can't wait to hear these guy once the costs of climate change start racking up.

Peter said...

Maybe it won't matter. They will be in the White House and deeply entrenched in Congress. We will all be paying higher heating, cooling, driving and food bills. Tortillas Jose? No mi amigo, ethanol....