Monday, April 30, 2007

North Atlantic Sediments Demonstrate Global Warming

Can anyone help me find the source of this information I read about North Atlantic sediments?Peter

Message #5404/30/07 03:57 PM
There is an enormous amount of extremely high-quality scientific data showing man is not causing global warming, especially by the release of carbon dioxide. For example, sediments deposited in lakes and the oceans do not lie. They can be measured, correlated, tested and dated, with REPEATABLE results by many different scientists, the world over. This is established, universally accepted scientific fact; far different from a "computer climate simulation model" based on countless assumptions.

Just for example, geologists looking at sediments from the North Atlantic recognize layers of "gravel" (large stones) way out in the Atlantic. More important they see these layers repeating themselves every 1400 years, going back tens of thousands of years. How did these rocks get there? There is only one way, they were carried by southward drifting icebergs.

How did the icebergs get there? The melting of arctic glaciers. What caused the melting? GLOBAL WARMING! Of course this warming was followed by cooling, then more warming, over and over again.........LONG before man was around burning oil and coal.

This is just one of many examples of sound scientific observation and fact that is being "conveniently" overlooked by Al Gore and the IPCC to name a few.

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