Tuesday, April 3, 2007

MSNBC Media Distortion and Manipulation

Today on MSNBC there were at least a couple of stories on predictions of the upcoming hurricane season, (at least several months away for plenty of fear to set in). The expert they quote is Dr. William Gray who I cited in a few previous posts.

I just posted this on MSNBC's discussion site titled "Weather". If I'm wrong in my perception of an anomaly here, a discordance, purposeful ignorance, or purposeful deception on the part of media reporting, someone tell me how, please.

We get one side of the story....many hurricanes....in headlines.....bad.....scary.........but what they fail to mention is the expert predicting the hurricanes does not believe in human-induced global warming and thus we do not influence the occurrence or severity of hurricanes. Here is my post on MSNBC. Join the discussion. You will learn a lot. There are some very distorted and scary perceptions of reality out there.

From: http://boards.msn.com/MSNBCboards/thread.aspx?BoardID=782&ThreadID=246986&BoardsParam=HIPDelay%3d1

To Everyone Who Is Concerned About the Environment:

I see a glaring contradiction here, to put it mildly. On the one hand we have the world's foremost "expert" on hurricane prediction being quoted here on MSNBC year, after year, on how, when, where, and why hurricanes are going to occur in the coming season. Of course everyone is scared to death of hurricanes so it makes headline news. And of course everyone "knows" these terrible hurricanes are proof of "global warming".

But what MSNBC and most media fail to report is the entire story. What does this "expert" really think? His name is Dr. William Gray and he's been a respected authority on the subject for 50 years.

Doing a bit of research, I learned Dr. Gray does not believe in man-caused global warming and he is certain that global warming has little to do with hurricanes. He does not believe man-induced carbon dioxide is a "pollutant", after all, we exhale it every day and plants need it to survive. He states that the entire global warming scare is a hoax.

Hello? Supreme Court? Are you listening? Or has everyone swallowed the environmentalist fatalistic agenda, hook, line and sinker? For the full story, go here.

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