Thursday, April 26, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Unveils Her Agenda

Here we have it straight from the horse's mouth, I mean House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. All of us scientific skeptics who doubt the connection between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming might just as well give in, shut up, and pay up; because Nancy Pelosi says so.

She uses all the proper emotional catch phrases, "our beautiful planet", "carbon footprint", "the science of global warming", "sustainable harvest", and "future generations". She even brings God into play, in a smart move to get religious people to join the ranks of the true believer environmentalists. Am I the only one trying to stifle my gag reflex while reading this? The next thing you know Sheryl Crowe will be telling Congress about her ideas for saving the environment.

There are so many absurdities in this kind of logic I barely know where to begin. First, there is absolutely no scientific "consensus" that carbon dioxide emissions are causing global warming and catastrophic climate change. To state that the debate is over is simply a big LIE. Ignorance can sometimes be excused, but lying cannot.

Have any of these saviors of our "beautiful planet" considered the ramifications of not burning coal to generate electricity? We can reduce demand a little bit, maybe, even without Al Gore cutting his usage, but what are we going to use to generate all the electricity we can not do without? Burn more natural gas? Where is that going to come from? There's not enough, and oh, I forgot, that releases CO2 also. Maybe hydro-electric long does it take to build a few hundred dams, and where are they going to be? Solar power, and wind power? Where, at what cost, and how much can they reasonable contribute. Not near enough. Then there is nuclear energy. Some say it takes TEN YEARS to build one plant. How long can we hold our breaths?

Oh, of course we must reduce our "dependence on foreign oil". I've been hearing that for 40 years, and all that happens is that we become more and more dependent. It is like saying we "must" improve education, and provide health care for all, and reduce crime. Yes, yes......of course Ms. Pelosi, we agree with you. This is just more political hot air. All it is going to mean is a higher cost of electricity, fuel, food, and nearly every other commodity you can think of. We're still going to need foreign oil, but we're not going to have the money to pay for it. That's the real global danger in what these people are proposing. Any comments? Let's hear it folks.

Democrats Declare July 4 'Energy Independence Day'

By Susan Jones Senior Editor April 26, 2007( -

"Global warming is "one of humanity's greatest challenges," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared on Wednesday. She said House Democrats are "working diligently" on legislation to address global warming challenges, and they expect to unveil their proposals by July 4, which she called "Energy Independence Day."

Speaking at a League of Conservation Voters' dinner in Washington Wednesday evening, Pelosi said future generations "must be first and foremost in our minds as we consider the conclusions of the scientific community: the planet is warming, human activity is responsible, and the effects are already evident around us."

She said the House will lead by example: "It is time for Congress to act on its own carbon footprint," she said, applauding Sen. Barbara Boxer for getting key offices to switch to energy efficient lighting and introducing legislation that will promote energy efficiency in federal buildings."Just last week, I was proud to join other House leaders in announcing a 'Green the Capitol Initiative,' which will result in us operating the House in a carbon neutral manner at the earliest possible date, but certainly by the end of the 110th Congress," Pelosi said."We will adopt innovative solutions, such as purchasing 100 percent renewable electric power, ensuring wood for our furniture is sustainably harvested, and conducting a comprehensive review of our recycling initiative," Pelosi said.

She said Democrats want to convert the Capitol Power Plant to a combined heat and power system and improve the House office building ventilation system. She did not give a cost estimate."It is so exciting to stand before you as Speaker of the House and know that because of all our hard work together, we have elected a Congress that takes real action on behalf of our beautiful planet," Pelosi said. "The days of rejecting the science of global warming are over, as are the days of standing idly by."

Pelosi concluded with a reference to the Old Testament: "To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us."

Some critics have accused liberal Democrats of putting global warming on a par with religion, just as Pelosi did on Wednesday. Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who chairs a new House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, said last week that climate change is a national security issue.

At the inaugural hearing of the panel he chairs, Markey urged forceful action to "curb our dangerous dependence on imported oil and reduce our emissions of global warming pollution." But Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the ranking Republican on the select committee, has urged a "common-sense" approach to "big questions" about mankind's contribution to recent climate fluctuations."I believe we should continue to foster a healthy economic climate, and at the same time, make responsible decisions and seek innovations to lessen our impact on the global climate," Sensenbrenner said in news release last month."

'Let's Be Responsible' may not grab headlines like 'The Sky is Falling,' but it has the virtue of being correct. It also recognizes that there are two climates this panel, and Congress, have to be concerned with. One is environmental, and the other is economic."

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a leading skeptic of the nation that human activity is impacting the climate, has called global warming the most "media-hyped environmental issue of all time."Subscribe to the free daily E-Brief.


Anonymous said...

It figures Pelosi would choose Independence Day as the day to announce her plans to weaken our nations economy. She wants us to believe that Global Warming is the greatest threat to our security and that only she and the new Democratic Congress can save us. Maybe she's trying to divert our attention away from the fact that her party has no real national security platform. What about the radical terrorists still trying to kill us or the Iranians quest for a nuclear bomb?
If the science of Global Warming is settled, then why do so many credible scientists remain skeptical? It is irresponsible of any of our political leaders to declare an end to the debate and a misuse of their powers to use this controversial environmental issue as a means to impose policy that will greatly affect all of our lives.

Peter said...

Go for it......criticize Ms. Pelosi's attempts to clean up the environment and you will be labelled as a hater of cute little polar bears.

You will also be accused of not caring about the future of our babies. Worst of all, they will say you are being paid by "big oil", probably Exxon/Mobil.

You will not be able to find anyone to publish your ideas, and if you do find some way to speak out you can be certain your grant money will be cut off, if you have any.

But what the heck, tell the world how ignorant Speaker Pelosi is anyway. Life is short. Go for it.