Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Global Warming

Here is a short video interview on Fox News with Christopher C. Horner, the author of the book "Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming". It's is a good introduction to the book, which I look forward to reading.



Anonymous said...

The word conspiracy made have some negative
connotations, but it seems that is what a lot of these
articles are suggesting.
And btw, many people I know believe there was a
conspiracy against JFK.. and the secret conspiracy at
Area 51.. or whatever happens to reinforce their

I don't like using the word here because I can't say
that's what's actually happening. Remember when we
first began discussing this is was all about the
science? I don't want to see science hijacked by
either 'side'.

Of course, when so many supporters of AGW (atmospheric global warming) began to say
the science was settled, who not only didn't want to
discuss it but began to insult and even threaten those
opposed.. well, you can't help but question their

So we've quickly moved from a discussion of good
science vs junk science to all of this... I know what
you mean about feeling we've entered this a little
late in the game. Many of the articles we've discussed
are from a year ago or earlier. But so much is written
everyday about issues that seem to have little real
significance in our lives. Who knew a small, poorly
created documentary from a former Vice President would
open up Pandora's Box..

Peter said...

I'm hoping that people will begin, or at least continue to question and doubt what they're being told by proponents of man-induced global warming and climate change. It is staggering to comprehend how much money has already been wasted trying to understand and now change the Earth's climate.