Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Interview With Dr. S. Fred Singer

Here is a short quotation from a PBS interview with a well known Climate Scientist. He is also one of the leading global warming "skeptics". His years of experience gives him a view of the "big picture" on this issue and he should be taken very seriously. He's not trying to fool anyone.
I think he gives a partial answer to the question of why so many people believe this global warming nonsense:

"The federal government pumps about $2 billion a year into climate research. Now, this money has to be spent by someone. It supports a lot of jobs. It supports a lot of people. And inevitably, many of these people begin to feel that what they're doing is tremendously important and vital. Otherwise, they couldn't really live with themselves. They've talked themselves into the fact that the work they're doing is somehow helping humanity deal with some kind of a problem."

From an interview with Dr. S. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist....see the entire interview at:


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Anonymous said...

I imagine there are plenty of climate scientists on both sides of this issue who are sincere, good-hearted people with a lot of passion for their work and concern for the environment.
But scientific results are only good if they can withstand repeated tests. All good scientists are skeptics.