Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doomsday Is Approaching For Climate Change Alarmists

Professor Will Alexander of The University of Pretoria, South Africa is quite outspoken and to the point in his dismissal of the myth of man-caused global warming. It looks like his article is not "peer-reviewed", which probably makes it all the more valuable. Global warming alarmists are going to be have an increasingly difficult time silencing their growing number of critics.

Fraudulent Science
Will Alexander
My advice to climate alarmists is that now is an appropriate time to start planning your exit strategy. The whole IPCC/UNFCCC edifice is about to disintegrate. I described these events in my recent memos. My position during all these years has been very simple. I could find no evidence of unnatural changes in the officially published hydrometeorological records. In the attached memo, for the first time I go on the attack. Not only is there no believable evidence in the data to support climate alarmism, but the evidence refutes the IPCC’s claims and completely undermines its position.

I have attached two files, my memo and the evaporation histograms in file Evaporation.pdf. What is the future of climate alarmism and its associated research? There is none. The globe is cooling, the glaciers are advancing and Bangladesh is not being inundated by rising sea levels. Public interest is falling and the media are becoming more critical. The possibility of nations reaching agreement on meaningful actions to control, let alone reduce, their undesirable emissions is receding by the day. The basic science underlying the IPCC’s position is being eroded away, stone by stone.

There is a growing and very perceptible groundswell of public and scientific opinion that is questioning the very basis of climate alarmism. The alarmists are no longer dealing with a gullible public and ambitious poticians. Here in South Africa, we are going through turbulent times. Honest, conscientious and knowledgeable scientists have a professional and moral duty to examine the scientific basis for the alarmist claims and report their findings. The most efficient method to publicise their results is the Internet. Others can use the information to complement their own studies. The rising tide of knowledge will become unchallengeable. This is the route that I have followed. Ever since I became involved in this climate change issue, way back in 1993, I reported that there is no evidence in the data to support the alarmist claims. The other side insisted that their computer models were infallible and that I was wrong. I did not try to prove that they were wrong. I just kept reiterating that there was no evidence in the data to support their theories.

This was also my 93-page message to the Stern Review. You will recall their basic argument. Increasing undesirable greenhouse gas emissions result in rising global temperatures. These increase evaporation from the oceans. Energy is thereby transferred to the atmosphere. This in turn amplifies the greenhouse effect. All of this results in an intensification of the hydrological cycle: more extreme floods and droughts, etc etc. All of this results in threats to our precious plant and animal species and human life on this planet. (But as the analysis shows,) there is no evidence of changes in open water surface evaporation that are synchronous with global temperature changes during the period of record. This is a body blow for the climate alarmists. There is absolutely no evidence that global warming increases evaporation from open water surfaces, including the oceans.

If the alarmists try to follow the adaptation route, they will be squashed underfoot by civil engineers and applied hydrologists. There is only one remaining option. Abandon ship. In the meantime, you may find this item on the web interesting.
See Will’s latest memo here.

Will Alexander is a Professor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

University of Pretoria professor: MAN-MADE global warming is not real
allAfrica.com: Namibia: Climate Change a Fallacy - South African Professor (Page 1 of 1)
MAN-MADE global warming is not real, a Professor from the University of Pretoria charged in Windhoek last week.

Professor Will Alexander claimed that claims by environmentalists that climate change was real were not true and if the world was warmer now, it was simply caused by natural climatic variability....He said while environmentalists claim that rainfall will decrease because of climate change, rainfall has in fact increased during the last century.According to him, it was also not true that the frequency of tropical cyclones, droughts and floods will increase."There is no evidence on that," said Alexander.He claimed that disasters such as this year's floods in the North were caused by natural climatic variability and people were affected because they were now living in areas prone to natural disasters, whereas before they lived in higher-lying areas.But Dr Omu Kakujaha from the University of Namibia said whether climate change or climate variability was real or not, it has a negative impact on Namibia's economy.

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Anonymous said...

Yep - not peer reviewed, unlike the IPCC 2007 work which was both peer reviewed several times and reviewed in open plenary with about 140 country's scientists, lawyers and statisticians present (more that 300 generally agnostic and penetrating reviewers). Doesn't cme much more rigorous than that. Oh, you didn't realise that the IPCC process was that rigorous? Of course not, because you've been gulled by denialists. This post is evidence of looniness. Time to face facts, maties. How does a wet year disprove climate change? Pathetic really to misrepresent climate variability for a lack of climate change evidence, especially because projections of rainfall change will take decades to emerge. Anyway, that is pretty typical of the "Professor's" thinking processes.