Monday, December 28, 2009

Think About It: The Environmental Lies Are Upon Us

We have an entire generation (at least one) of brainwashed children who whole-heartily believe in the myth of man-caused global warming. They are Professors in college, teachers in all of our public schools; they have all been fed lies (ClimateGate) about man-caused global warming, they believe it, and they're promoting the myth. This is truly the biggest scandal and shame of all time.

Global warming brainwashing turns kids into save-the-earth rebels at home

Not content with scaring moms and dads with tales of a coming global warming apocalypse, the true believers in human-caused-climate-change have taken their controversial doomsday message into the classroom and onto the Internet, polluting impressionable kids with green propaganda and creating youth legions of enviro-fanatics.

Fresh from their daily “greenwashing” sessions at school, these save-the-earth converts arrive home as little inspector generals, haranguing parents for exhibiting environmentally insensitive behavior and contributing to the planet’s looming CO2 overdose.

The young Greenites, already pre-conditioned by classroom propaganda, are subjected to the same man-is-destroying-the-earth homilies on the Internet. The eco-epistles consist of the usual heart-tugging climate scare stories (e.g. polar bears are dying and ice caps are melting), which conveniently fail to mention that the earth has warmed – and cooled – naturally for billions of years and that CO2 is a life-giving atmospheric gas. In the dark and depressing world of quasi-religious eco-fanatics, there is no room for the light of truth in their save-the-earth evangelism, and kids are easy targets.

Colorado State University professor Dr. William Gray, famous for his yearly hurricane forecasts, has publicly denounced the eco-propaganda.

"We are also brainwashing our children on the warming topic,” Gray wrote in a statement to Florida Today. “We have no better example than Al Gore's alarmists and inaccurate movie, which is being shown in our schools and being hawked by warming activists with little or no meteorological-climate background.”

The effects of that propaganda effort were on display this month at the UNICEF Children’s Climate Forum in Copenhagen. During the conference, youth delegates from 44 countries issued a declaration of war on global warming, demanding that governments do something about climate change.

“Our future is at risk and we demand that something be done. The time for talk is over. Now, we hold you accountable for your commitments,” the delegates declared.

The statement continued:

“The battle against climate change is upon all of us . . . We must act immediately, and we are ready to fulfill our commitments. We are prepared to give all we have as long as there is the possibility of saving our planet. We expect the same courage from you.”

The hostile, grating tone of many of today’s young global warming converts is alarmingly similar to that of the 1930s Hitler Youth movement. In Nazi Germany, properly programmed children were encouraged to snitch on parents who questioned the tenets of the state religion. Many parents lived in fear of their own children.

Unfortunately, history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Will the United Statres one day witness enviro-monsters at home ratting on their parents for committing carbon crimes against the state? In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, grownups were frightened out of their wits by their own children who were programmed by Big Brother to spy for the state.

Today, children logging onto the Internet are often fed the standard sky-is-falling pitch about a looming global warming meltdown: humankind is fouling the environment, CO2 and global temperatures are rising, polar bears are dying, ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, hurricanes are increasing, and on and on.

Apparently, not even Santa Claus will escape the harmful effects of global warming. Kids visiting the Build-A-Bear Web site soon discover that Christmas may be cancelled because of global warming.

As Maura Flynn of BigGovernment.Com writes, “When your unsuspecting tot logs on and hops a virtual train to the North Pole…you should know that he or she will be informed – by Santa Claus – that Christmas may be canceled this year due to Global Warming . . . Needless-to-say, this constitutes brainwashing on the sleaziest and most sinister level.”

The eco-indocrination also is in full swing on OneWorld.Net, where Tiki the Penguin warns young readers that “the ice of the poles is melting. Some of it already is melting fast.” (The truth: the snow pack in Greenland and Antarctica is increasing, despite some melting along Greenland’s periphery and on the Antarctic Peninsula.)

The warming will harm polar bears and penguins, “but for you people, it will be much worse,” Tiki predicts.

“For a start, all the ice that melts will start to fill up the oceans and make them overflow on land. And the water itself will take up more space simply because it is warmer. That will make it overflow even more onto the land.”

Nickelodeon has joined in the climate scaremongering with the launch of its Big Green Help Web site, which urges kids to “team up” with their “favorite Nicktoons to battle CO2 monsters in 3-D.”

After they’ve finished dispatching earth’s CO2 enemies, the victorious gamers are asked to sign a pledge “to reduce CO2 emissions in the real world.” Some of the suggested ways to cut their carbon footprint: travel by foot, bike or skateboard instead of by car at least four miles each week; remind parents to turn off the engine when waiting in the car; and tell mom and dad to keep the car tires properly inflated.

The incessant eco-nagging – called “pester power” – is driving many parents bonkers. As the New York Times reported, “Grown-ups sometimes end up feeling like scofflaws under the watchful eye of the pint-size eco-police, whose demands grow ever greater, and more expensive.”

Brigades of child spies are also hard at work pestering parents in Britain, where energy giant NPower has invested heavily in advertising “Climate Cops,” a genuinely Orwellian campaign that urges children to enlist as climate cops and build climate-crime case files on their family, friends from school, and even aunts and uncles.

Some of the offenses: not turning off lights, turning on the wrong type of lights (those with incandescent bulbs), using tumble dryers, leaving a door open and leaving a mobile phone charger plugged in.

“You should report back to your family to make sure they don’t commit those [climate] crimes again (or else!),” warns one of NPower’s Climate Cop ads. “You may need to keep a watchful eye on them by revisiting the case every week or two to make sure they don’t slip back into their old habits.”

The pestering appears to get more combative with age. In one Greenpeace ad (“Join the Energy Revolution”), the radical nature of the greenwashed mind is on full display as a hooded true-believer in his teens delivers a green sermon in a commanding, often threatening, tone.

“If drastic measures aren’t taken soon,” he warns, “by the time I grow up, there won’t be any fish left in the sea . . . polar ice caps will be gone, oceans will rise, entire countries will disappear. Starting today, the lines are drawn . . . either you’re for my future, or you’re against it. You’re a friend or an enemy.”

He then concludes his dour scolding with this menacing pledge: “I may just be a kid today, but tomorrow it will be different. You had your chance to fix this problem, now we have ours. This is the last I will be talking to you adults. We won’t be cute, we won’t be patronized, we won’t be denied our future.”

The anti-capitalist theme of the propaganda assault on children is unmistakable. Corrupted by its anti-technology ideology, eco-movement Luddites seem bent on saving earth from the ravages of mankind by undoing the last 250 years of industrial progress. It is not clear which of their battles is more important: fighting global warming or ridding the planet of their archenemy – capitalism.

The green architects behind the anti-global warming campaign seem hell-bent on “reversing the industrial revolution,” says columnist and blogger David Huntwork.

“The next generation is being taught that the methods used to produce electricity is [sic] evil, the internal combustion engine is evil, the gas you put in your car and the oil used to make it are evil, plastic is evil, styrofoam is evil, cutting down trees to manufacture paper or lumber is evil, industry and manufacturing is evil, corporations are evil, flying in an airplane is evil, mowing your yard is evil, and that producing another generation of consumers and polluters is evil. The list goes on and on.”


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