Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panic Setting In To Deny And Cover-Up ClimatGate

The following is just a tiny fraction of the fallout from the scandal clearly exposed by ClimateGate. There is much more here, the source of the following information.

The New Scientist decides that enough is enough, it’s time to hit back against Climategate. But instead of trying to answer the growing list of questions raised by the CRU leak, NS just tries to discredit skeptics with tired old arguments. That rushing sound you hear is the NS haemorrhaging subscribers, read the comments.

Uh Oh, dirty rotten hippie scoundrels are discovering that the burden of proof has suddenly reversed polarities:

You can feel that most crucial of propaganda processes happening with Climategate: the reversing of the burden of proof. Unfair to all the fraud detectives (Watts, McIntyre, and the rest of them, including Monkton himself) though it undoubtedly was, those noble toilers, until the Climategate revelations erupted, had to prove everything, in defiance of the default position. Their every tiny blemish was jumped upon. Their major claims were ignored. Now the default position is slowly mutating into: It’s all made-up nonsense. And the burden of proof is shifting onto the shoulders of all those who want to go on believing in such ever more discredited alarmism.

The wikipedia global warmist-in-chief William Connolley has been working overtime to hide the effects of the ‘hide the decline’ fallout, but has his activism finally caught up with him?

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