Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copenhagen And Climate Change: A Big, Cruel Joke

And the joke is on us, every one of us. Climate change is a constant and natural process. It always has been and always will be. Carbon dioxide emissions can not possibly account for a significant, if even noticeable amount of global warming. The recent ClimateGate scandal has shown many of the most prominent climate "scientists" are liars and cheats and the entire man-caused global warming theory is based on fraud and deception.

So here we have a fraudulent concept, known as man-caused global warming, and hundreds of top government officials from countries all around the world are meeting in Copenhagen trying to decide how much more taxpayer money should be wasted on this fraud. It defies the imagination how so many people can be either ignorant or downright evil. That and witness how the mainstream media goes right along with the charade. See the following from "The New York Times."

The Politics of Global Warming

Representatives of 192 nations are gathering this week in Copenhagen to seek a consensus on an international strategy for fighting global warming. A new report has found that an overall warming trend is continuing. Another study suggests that the steps needed to slow that climb, or reverse it, will cost trillions of dollars.

Prior to this week's meeting, the United States announced targets to reduce industrial emissions. Just a day later, China announced its position. However, the two countries are taking different approaches.

Experts agree that a global agreement is unlikely. One major stumbling block: finding a way for richer and poorer nations to share the costs of switching to less-polluting technologies.

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