Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The More Science One Knows, The Less They Believe In Man-Caused Global Warming

Surprise, surprise.  The more educated people are the less easy they are to manipulate, fool and control.

Our public education system has failed, explaining why people believe such nonsense as man-caused global warming. (and elect such ignorant political leaders as we now have in the White House).......the following gov-funded study supports this obvious observation. Think about it when you wonder how things have gotten this bad....and when you next vote.
Combating the alarmist nature of the mainstream media and the climate change zealots who have turned man-made global warming into a profit-driven industry and not a scientific endeavor for answers. We seek to explore the notion that the fractional increase in temperature is primarily caused by man a...(continued here)
Gator  2012-05-29 18:29
Ignorance is not bliss, it is servitude.
Well said Gator!

Grade-school teacher known as "Evil Mr. Methane" teaching (brainwashing) children about the grave dangers of fossil fuels that "cause global warming".  This guy is what is known as a useful idiot by central control advocates.

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