Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Carbon Capture Boodoggle

A few more Billion Dollars wasted on the great global warming scam.  Capture and sequester (store) carbon dioxide from burning coal.....what a completely ridiculous idea!!!   This is the same carbon dioxide we exhale with every breath, the same carbon dioxide that gives us the fizz and carbonation of our soft drinks.  And the EPA classifies it as a "pollutant".  "Dirty" carbon they call it.  Why?  Because it causes global warming and climate change.......well guess what?  It doesn't do any of those things.  We've all been fed a gigantic lie.  Fortunately the truth is slowly coming out.


Combating the alarmist nature of the mainstream media and the climate change zealots who have turned man-made global warming into a profit-driven industry and not a scientific endeavor for answers. We seek to explore the notion that the fractional increase in temperature is primarily caused by man a...

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