Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do You Believe This Temperature Data?

Here is a link to a website showing weather stations around the country and why we should be skeptical about the temperature data being used to predict global warming and climate change.

"If you really want to have some cold water thrown on the debate, check out the pictures of the weather stations that have been generating all that data that was so incorrectly analyzed. The blogger at http://www.surfacestations.org/odd_sites.htm is asking Americans to take pictures of the weather stations in their area. He has posted some truly remarkable shots of weather stations in such isolated locations as parking lots, rooftops, beside air conditioners, burn barrels and BBQ's, by sewage treatment plants etc. Do you think the location of the sensors MIGHT have an impact on the data collected?
And Roy, before you even start, don't. I am a biologist and an environmentalist. I also believe in TRUE science, which embraces the development of hypotheses and questioning of theories. Given the questions that are developing in my mind about the data itself, its collection methodology, the politics of the players involved, my natural mistrust of all politicians (Gore et al), the hype, hysteria, and general overall stifling of contrary opinion, I cannot support the spending of quadrillions of dollars over the next several decades to fight something that may not exist."

From: "Grizzled-Bear" on MSNBC "Climate Change" discussion board

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