Sunday, July 14, 2013

Liberals Keep Flogging The Dead Horse of Man-Caused Global Warming

No, this is not an example of the emotional fear mongering used continuously and repetitively by the liberal media to promote the belief in man-caused global warming.  (Sarcasm now off).  Yet the political sheep following this on-going hoax act outraged that anyone would  dare accuse them of manipulating people's emotions to achieve their political objectives.  They are just digging themselves deeper and deeper into a moral and factual hole.  Eventually it will cave in on them.  Read the entire article here.

We’re in Deep Water: What Climate Change Could Do to Your City (PHOTOS)

Fish flopping on Venice Boulevard, dolphins circumnavigating palm trees, whales beached on the boardwalk—these are the mental images that artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm’s climate change creations bring to the surface.
Lamm, from the self-storage search engine, crafted chilling illustrations that depict how climate change could have Venice, San Diego and many other metropolitan cities gasping for air.

With the help of Climate Central’s sea level rise maps and flood formulas, Lamm used data to create realistic images of American towns completely submerged in seawater. He started with stock photos of a city and cross-referenced their location to topography maps. Lamm then implemented a formula that determined what that city would look like using elevation, tide and sea level forecasts.
“By illustrating what sea level rise will look like in real life,” Lamm tells Mashable, “I'm hoping to make our rising oceans a bigger issue on peoples' minds.”

Climate Central forecasts that the Earth’s temperature will rise by between three and seven more degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Since climbing temperatures mean melting polar ice caps and rising seas, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research predicts that the sea level is expected to rise between two and seven feet by the century’s end.

So what are we waiting for? If we go with the flow and let climate change swell, our greatest cities could be in deep water. 

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