Friday, February 26, 2010

A Message To All "Climate Scientists"

ClimateGate has revealed how rotten to the core the world of climate science is. All scientists in every field should be appalled and ashamed of the hoax that is man-caused global warming and climate change. The entire charade has been a distraction away from legitimate environmental and societal concerns. The following excerpt says clearly what many think about so-called climate scientists. Follow this link to read the entire article:

"The solution is for you to stop trying to pass off garbage as science. The solution is for you establishment climate scientists to police your own back yard. When Climategate broke, there was widespread outrage … well, widespread everywhere except in the climate science establishment. Other than a few lone voices, the silence there was deafening. Now there is another whitewash investigation, and the silence only deepens.

And you wonder why we don’t trust you? Here’s a clue. Because a whole bunch of you are guilty of egregious and repeated scientific malfeasance, and the rest of you are complicit in the crime by your silence. Your response is to stick your fingers in your ears and cover your eyes


Willis Eschenbach

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