Friday, February 19, 2010

Bill Gates Promotes The Man-Caused Global Warming Hoax

I wonder where Bill Gates has been? Has he not heard of ClimateGate? Did he miss the fiasco in Copenhagen? Or maybe, just maybe, he has a vested interest in crying wolf about the dangers of "climate change". Of course the climate changes; it always has and always will. The question is: "Do man's carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming (climate change)"? The answer is increasingly clear --- NO.

We may need an "energy miracle" for other reasons, but not because of global warming. Bill Gates is just demonstrating his ignorance and gullibility. Perhaps he should stick to computer programing and stop listening to Al Gore the moron.

Bill Gates at TED: We Need an Energy Miracle [VIDEO]

BY Ariel SchwartzThu Feb 18, 2010

Bill Gates

Avid followers of the TED Conference have almost certainly heard rumblings about Bill Gates' speech on why we need energy miracles to solve the climate crisis. And the blogosphere has already reacted both positively and negatively to Gates's theory that we can only reach zero emissions by reducing either our population, services, energy, or carbon output to zero. I decided to wait on passing judgment until the video of Gates's speech was released, and now that it has been, I can say that I agree with his assessment that we need to get to net zero CO2, and fast--though we should make sure not to ignore other environmental concerns in the process.

In his speech, Bill Gates touts TerraPower reactors that can be fueled by nuclear waste as one possible solution. Is nuclear power the answer? I don't know, but at the very least Gates should be applauded for highlighting the need for immediate innovation in the energy sector. The value of having someone of Gates's stature talk about getting

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