Friday, February 19, 2010

A Few Laughs.....

If these things weren't so sad, stupid, and wasteful, they would be humorous. Someone needs to wake these people up and tell them that man-caused global warming is and always has been a hoax. A big LIE folks, and we've been and you're being skammed, taken for a ride, conned, and ripped off.

Four iPhone Apps to Shut Up Climate Change-Doubters

BY Dan NosowitzThu Feb 18, 2010

If you've got a friend, relative, or famous radio personality who makes a point of doubting the effects or even the existance of climate change--especially if that person cites a snowstorm as evidence--we've got a few apps that'll learn 'em good, and then teach 'em how to make up for the damage they've done.

Skeptical Science: John Cook, creator of Skeptical Science, created this iPhone app as a handy go-to reference for deflecting questions (and embarrassing the questioner) on the subject of climate change. Got a friend who doubts mass climate change is the result of human impact? This app will teach you how to make him look like a complete idiot. Free. [iTunes via Treehugger]

Jungfrau Climate Guide: This guide is designed to show tourists to Switzerland's Jungfrau region how climate change has affected its scenic mountains and valleys--but should work just as well around the globe. If, for example, you walk over and stand in front of a glacier, the app will tell you how much smaller it is now than it used to be, and provide pictures of the same glacier 100 years ago to prove its point. Have you been to Jungfrau, Limbaugh? I think not. $9.99. [iTunes via CNET]

Now that you've taught your foolish, uninformed friend/relative/Fox News Host about both the scientific and practical effects of climate change, he'll be crushed. Here are a couple apps to help him right his wrongs.

Greenmeter: In case you weren't aware, you can't just give up on reducing the environmental impact of your car after you buy it. Greenmeter gathers information on your vehicle's power and fuel efficiency, and evaluates your driving before giving you tips on how to reduce fuel consumption and lessen the pain your car hands out to the air around it. It's also good for non-hippies who are just kind of cheap and want to learn how to save gas cash. $5.99. [iTunes via Greenmeter]

GreenYou: GreenYou calculates your carbon footprint, including the ways you kill the planet just by travelling, eating, and living, and then gives you tips on how to reduce that effect. Useful! $0.99. [iTunes via Treehugger]

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