Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Global Warming Book Collection

Here is another very useful list of books about Global Warming, compiled by : Andrew, computer analyst......


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Global Warming Book Collection
As you celebrate the great communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin's Birthday (Earth Day) how about some light reading...

Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years, Updated and Expanded Edition (Dennis T. Avery, S. Fred Singer, 2008)
A Primer on CO2 and Climate (Howard C. Hayden, 2007)
Carbon Folly (Donn Dears, 2008)
Catastrophe? A New Theory As To The Cause of Global Warming (Keith Foster, 2006)
Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts'" Lies (Robert G. Williscroft, 2006)
Climate Change: A Natural Hazard (William Kininmonth, 2004)
Climate of Fear: Why We Shouldn't Worry about Global Warming (Thomas Moore, 1998)
Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Leads to Bad Science, Pandering politicians and Misguided Policies that Hurt the Poor (Roy Spencer, 2008)
Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming (Bjørn Lomborg, 2007)
Earth Report 2000: Revisiting the True State of the Planet (Ronald Bailey, 1999)
Environmental Gore: A Constructive Response to Earth in the Balance (John A. Baden, 1995)Food Climate and Carbon Dioxide: The Global Environment and World Food Production (Sylvan H. Wittwer, 1995)
Global Climate Change: Human and Natural Influences (S. Fred Singer, 1989)
Global Warming and Other Eco Myths (Ronald Bailey, 2002)
Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate: How Truth Became Controversial (Mihkel M. Mathiesen, 2004)
Global Warming - Myth or Reality? (Marcel Leroux, 2005)
Global Warming: The Truth Behind the Myth (Michael L. Parsons, 1995)
Hot Talk Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate (S. Fred Singer, 1999)
Human Impacts on Weather and Climate (William R. Cotton, Roger A. Pielke Sr., 2007)
Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery (John Imbrie, Katherine Palmer Imbrie, 2005)
It's the Sun, Not Your SUV: Co2 Will Not Destroy The Earth (John Zyrkowski, 2007)
Man-Made Global Warming: Unravelling a Dogma (Hans Labohm, Simon Rozendaal, Dick Thoenes, 2004)
Maunder Minimum: And the Variable Sun-Earth Connection (Willie Wei-Hock Soon, Steven H. Yaskell, 2004)
Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media (Patrick J. Michaels, 2004)
Not by Fire but by Ice (Robert W. Felix, 1999)
Scared to Death: From BSE to Global Warming: Why Scares are Costing Us the Earth (Christopher Booker, Richard North, 2007)
Shattered Consensus: The True State of Global Warming (Patrick J. Michaels, 2005)
Sound and Fury: The Science and Politics of Global Warming (Patrick J. Michaels, 1992)
Taken By Storm: The Troubled Science, Policy and Politics of Global Warming (Christopher Essex, Ross McKitrick, 2003)
The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change (Henrik Svensmark, 2007)
The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud (Lawrence Solomon, 2008)
The Future of Everything: The Science of Prediction (David Orrell, 2006)
The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of Climate Change (Vincent Gray, 2004)
The Greenhouse Trap: Why the greenhouse effect will not end life on earth (John L Daly, 1989)The Heated Debate: Greenhouse Predictions Versus Climate Reality (Robert C. Balling, 1993)The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism) (Christopher C. Horner, 2007)
The Role of the Sun in Climate Change (Douglas V. Hoyt, Kenneth H. Schatten, 1997)
The Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air about Global Warming (Patrick J. Michaels, Robert C. Balling, 2000)
The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (Bjørn Lomborg, 2001)Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years[/b] (Dennis T. Avery, S. Fred Singer, 2007)Useless Arithmetic: Why Environmental Scientists Can't Predict the Future (Orrin H. Pilkey, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis, 2006)

Black Gold Stranglehold (Jerome R. Corsi, 2005)
Energy: Ending the Never-Ending Crisis (Paul Ballonoff, 1997)
Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence (Robert Bryce, 2008)
The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy (Peter Huber, 2005)
The Deep Hot Biosphere : The Myth of Fossil Fuels (Thomas Gold, 1999)
The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run the World (Howard C. Hayden, 2002)
The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run the World, Second Edition (Howard C. Hayden, 2005)

A Moment on the Earth : The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism (Gregg Easterbrook, 1996)
Apocalypse Not: Science, Economics, and Environmentalism (Ben Bolch, Harold Lyons, 1993)
But Is It True?: A Citizens Guide to Environmental Health and Safety Issues (Aaron Wildavsky, 1997)
Cutting Green Tape: Toxic Pollutants, Environmental Regulation, and the Law (Roger E. Meiners, Richard L. Stroup, 2000)
Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death (Paul Driessen, 2003)
Eco-nomics: What Everyone Should Know About Economics and the Environment (Richard L. Stroup, 2003)
Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism (Joseph L. Bast, Peter J. Hill, Richard C. Rue, 1996)
Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse (Ronald Bailey, 1994)
Ecoterror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature : The World of the Unabomber (Ron Arnold, 1997)
Ecology Wars: Environmentalism As If People Mattered (Ron Arnold, 1998)
Enviro-Capitalists: Doing Good While Doing Well (Terry L. Anderson, Donald R. Leal, 1997)Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? (Dixie Lee Ray, Lou Guzzo, 1993)
Free Market Environmentalism (Terry L. Anderson, Donald R. Leal, 2001)
Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists A Conservative Manifesto (Peter Huber, 2000)
Hoodwinking the Nation (Julian Simon, 1999)
It Takes a Hero: The Grassroots Battle Against Environmental Oppression (William Perry Pendley, 1998)
No Turning Back: Dismantling the Fantasies of Environmental Thinking (Wallace Kaufman, 2000)
Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns (Jay H. Lehr, 1992)
Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives to Environmental Bureaucracy (Robert Higgs, Carl P. Close, 2005)
The Really Inconvenient Truths (Iain Murray, 2008)
Saviors of the Earth? : The Politics and Religion of the Environmental Movement (Michael Coffman, 1994)
The Green Crusade : Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism (Charles T. Rubin, 1994)The Improving State of the World: Why We're Living Longer, Healthier, More Comfortable Lives on a Cleaner Planet (Indur Goklany, 2007)
The New Ecological Order : Trees, Animals and Men (Luc Ferry, Carol Volk, 1995)
The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, Is the Environment's Number One Enemy (Jack M. Hollander, 2003)
The State of Humanity (Julian L. Simon, 1995)
The Ultimate Resource 2 (Julian L. Simon, 1996)
Through Green-Colored Glasses: Enviromentalism Reconsidered (Wilfred Beckerman, 1996)Trashing the Economy: How Runaway Environmentalism Is Wrecking America (Ron Arnold, Alan Gottlieb, 1998)
Undue Influence: Wealthy Foundations, Grant Driven Environmental Groups and Zealous Bureaucrats That Control Your Future (Ron Arnold, 1998)

State of Fear (Michael Crichton, 2005)

A Short History of Fear (Alexander Cockburn , 2008)
An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems (Glen Beck, 2007)Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds (Charles Mackay, Andrew Tobias, 1995)
Global Crises, Global Solutions (Bjorn Lomborg, 2004)
Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Jonah Goldberg, 2008)
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity (John Stossel, 2006)
Politicizing Science: The Alchemy of Policymaking (Michael Gough, 2003)
Silencing Silence (Steve Milloy, 1999)
The Best-Laid Plans: How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future (Randal O'Toole, 2007)
The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics (Roger A. Pielke Jr., 2007)The Precautionary Principle: A Critical Appraisal (Indur M. Goklany, 2001)
The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution (Ayn Rand, Peter Schwartz, 1999)

Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists (Joel Best, 2001)More Damned Lies and Statistics: How Numbers Confuse Public Issues (Joel Best, 2004)

Kids Books:
Facts, Not Fear: Teaching Children About the Environment (Michael Sanera, Jane S. Shaw, 1999)
The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's Ok to Chill About Global Warming (Holly Fretwell, 2007)
Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! (Katharine DeBrecht, Jim Hummel, 2005)Censored Global Warming VideosNO 'Consensus' on "Man-Made" Global Warming

The Anti "Man-Made" Global Warming Resource

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Another great book for kids about global warming is Deb and Seby. It gives a hip young spin to whats really going on with our planet. The website for the book is

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