Wednesday, March 28, 2007

John Kerry, Another Hypocrite Jumps On The Bandwagon

Some people just don't give up, do they? He should have gone down with his Swift Boat. But, no, he was saved by Ms. Heinze Ketchup. Now we have John Kerry and his wife coming out with a book about how they know how we can save planet Earth. Unbelievable. If Al Gore can do it, why not them. Eventually voters are going to see through all of this nonsense. At least I hope so.


Kerry's inconvenient truth [Henry Payne]
Reverend Gore’s energy-guzzling mansion has brought snickers from the pews, but there’s always John Kerry to one up the Goracle in the hypocrisy sweepstakes.

Kerry appeared on Democratic jester Jon Stewart’s show Monday night to flog his green tome (co-written with his wife), “This Moment on Earth”. “We’re running out of time” to save the planet, Pastor John intoned, but “a lot of people out there want to do what’s right.” Thus the book, which Kerry hopes will teach that “you can develop a sustainable way by which to live.”

Present company excluded, of course.

While running for eco-moralizer-in-chief in 2004, Kerry was asked by The Detroit News editorial board what car he drove. Without any hint of irony, he said:

"Well, we have a couple of Chrysler minivans. We have a Jeep. . . and a PT Cruiser up in Boston. . .and we have some SUVs. . . and an old Dodge 600 that I keep in the Senate. . . and I also have a Chevy. A big Suburban."

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