Friday, March 23, 2007

Global Warming's Foolish Supporters

Here is a sampling of comments from other forums about global warming and
the environment. They illustrate to me how misinformed and way, way, way
"out in space" some people are on this issue. What do you think?

ann tea
Message #103/21/07 04:15 PM
The polar bears are dying - their habitat is being destroyed. Our rivers haven't frozen over in many years in our area. We haven't had a cold winter - which controls insects - in many years. There is increasingly severe weather ex: Katrina systems on a regular basis. What more evidence do we need of climate change? We need to join other countries of the world in addressing

I can't say anything about the rest of the country, but from family in Pennsylvania, the last few winters have been much warmer than average. I heard on NPR about a woman in NJ who had asparagus plants which were blooming in January, and also abiout a severe lack of ice in Wisconsin and Michigan, etc. That is cause for concern.I live in Texas, and I can tell you we have not had a winter in at least 10 years, other than a week or so; and that week can happen anywhere from New Years to the end of February. I remember in the late 70's through the early 90's that we had a winter that lasted at least a month.

Personal observations about the weather conditions in your "neck of the
woods" , (or asparagus garden), are not scientific, nor do they have any
relation to "global" climate. The Earth and it's climate are huge by

green jean
Message #403/21/07 04:42 PM
Those of you who don't believe the climate crisis is upon us are in denial. I understand that it is difficult to grapple with emotionally, but please educate yourself. Our children WILL pay the price for our selfish ignorance. We need to minimize the impact on them and act now!

Oh yes, please remember the children, fight your emotions, hold back your tears about our abused planet Earth, try not to deny
Al Gore anything.......and oh, don't forget the poor polar bears.
Considering polar bears, read the following commentary....

From "Bzr"
Here is a small article about how the polar bears are "dying" off;

As for polar bears, much points to that their numbers are increasing rather than diminishing. Mitch Taylor, a Canadian expert on animal populations, estimates that the number of polar bears in Canada has increased from 12 000 to 15 000 the past decade. Steven C Amstrup and his college have studied a population of polar bears in Alaska and reported that the number of females had increased from 600 to 900 between 1976 and 1992. Even a report from the WWF which is entitled "Polar bears at risk" and warns that the populations of the polar bears might become extinct due to global warming, supports that the number of polar bears is increasing. In the report the polar bears in the world are divided into 20 populations. It shows out that only 2 of these populations are decreasing, while 10 are stable, 5 are growing and 3 are not possible to comment about.


Anonymous said...

One of the comments asks, what more evidence do we need of climate change? The planet has been in a constant state of change since the dawn of time. Nothing we do is going to prevent that. Plants and animals have adapted to those changes or have faced extinction.. all without human intervention. It's the cycle of life.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't address or attempt to correct any problems we may have caused. But let's address them honestly, without exaggerations or sentimentality or unwarranted fear.. because as the other comment said, our children will pay the price for our ignorance.

Mike Pyne said...

We simply do not know or have enough data to make a logical decision/opinion about global warming.
Global Warming Data Big Picture: When we theorize about the possibility of global warming we must first look at Earth age and the length of time we have been recording the Earth's cooling and warming. If the Earth is 10,000 yrs old with 200 years of data, then the validity of our data is weighted at 2%.
Earth 1,000,000 yrs, recorded data 200 yrs, then valid data = .02%. Earth 1,000,000,000 yrs, recorded data 200 yrs, then valid data = .00002%. Summary, it's statistically safe to say we do not have enough data to validate a claim. (Period)

Best regards,

Mike Pyne
Germantown, WI, 53022

Peter said...

I've never heard your idea before. I agree that the theory of man-caused global warming is wrong, but not for the reasons you suggest. Wrong is wrong....the length of time that we have "valid" data is irrelevant. We have valid measures of Earth's temperature history for millions of years, not just two hundred. Thanks for your visit.

Mike Pyne said...

Sorry, just not buying it. The whole debate is political, not scientific. The winter of 2007/2008 has been the coldest winter since 1997/1998. Friday 3-21-2008 is the first day of spring and were expecting 6 to 14 inches of snow.

Peter said...

Yes, it has been a cold winter. What is it you're not buying?