Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Problems Are Not In Space But In Washington

Think about the absurdity of trying to push a costly "clean" green energy agenda on an already sick economy! These black mayors are ignorantly and stupidly following the Obama party line to the letter. I wonder what kind of coercive tactics Obama is using on them? Their assumptions are dead wrong and they are leading us down a path to disaster far greater than a BP oil spill!!!

by Star Parker (source)
Our Problems Not in the Atmosphere, But On the Earth
A delegation of 20 black mayors representing the National Conference of Black Mayors arrived in Washington, DC to lobby congress to pass legislation to promote “clean energy.”
According to the delegation’s press release, they want “a national plan to move their cities to become more energy efficient, reduce pollution and create new clean energy jobs and businesses.”

But is black unemployment twice the national unemployment rate because of carbon emissions? Are the budgets of state and local governments running in the red because of the kind of energy Americans burn?

One visit that the delegation of black mayors did not make was to the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

There they could have discussed the study done for the NBCC by CRA International that estimates job losses to the American economy from “clean energy” initiatives - cap and trade bills passed by the House and Senate - at about 2.5 million jobs.

And, according to the National Black Chamber, because the nation’s black population is concentrated in areas impacted the most by increased “clean energy” taxes and costs, the negative impact on black jobs will be even more severe.

What other result would we expect from layering several hundred billion dollars in new taxes on our economy, which is what “clean energy” bills that the black mayors want so badly would do? Why would these mayors be spending their time promoting policies so intuitively nonsensical?

Supposedly we have no choice. Three assumptions drive it all: that the earth’s climate has irreversibly warmed (which will cause major problems), that this warming is caused by carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels, and that we’ve got to get government to intervene to get us off these fuels and onto alternatives. (All three assumptions totally wrong! -- Peter)

The global warming nightmare is a warm fuzzy dream for those that want even more major government interference in our private lives.

And if the premises behind it were all true, we’d all agree to it.
But these premises are far from clear. The recent “climategate” scandal showed that scientists at global warming “headquarters” at the Climate Research Unit in London were suppressing serious scientific dissent regarding their assumptions and conclusions.
A new article in the prestigious journal of the Phi Beta Kappa society – American Scholar – sheds further serious doubt on “clean energy” initiatives.

The article, by a Nobel Prize winning physicist from Stanford, Robert B. Laughlin, shows that the vast time spans and complexity of the earth’s geological realities are far beyond our understanding and control. Over time, the earth has gone through cycles of cooling and warming.
Dr. Laughlin concludes, “The geological record suggests that climate ought not to concern us too much when we’re gazing into the energy future, not because it is unimportant, but because it’s beyond our power to control.”

The bottom line on “clean energy” initiatives is that the only sure things we will get are more taxes, higher costs, and more government. Guaranteed costs for benefits that are extremely questionable.

Black mayors would be better redirecting their attention from the atmosphere to realities here on earth.

The National Conference on Black Mayors is partnering with the Hip Hop Caucus as “outreach to our nation’s youth.”
Here’s a tangible that black mayors can promote to cut black youth unemployment. Work to get rid of the minimum wage.
Following minimum wage increases of $2.10 since 2007, black youth unemployment increased 50%.
Or how about some serious efforts to promote school choice so that parents of poor kids can send their children to schools where they will get an education and graduate.


Anonymous said...

You've done nothing there to prove or disprove the mayors POV, Pete, you've just stuck in a series of dogmatic, unsubstantiated comments.

And, as evidenced by your own cross-posting, my droogy, concern with CAGW is still very much alive and well.

Peter said...

"concern with CAGW is still very much alive and well."

In your warped mind....

Anonymous said...

Yes,in my warped mind, but also in the collective mind of the National Conference of Black Mayors. And perhaps other places too, Pete?

Seems pretty obvious.

Peter said...

Did you even read the article? Why would black mayors, (or any mayors, for that matter) be addressing the fictional global warming "problem" when there are so many far, far more serious problems, such as high unemployment, crime, failing schools, etc.?

What kind of bullying or financial incentives is Obama dangling in front of them like a carrot on a stick? Are they really so ignorant, so easily bought off, or are they just cowardly? Why is there a group of "black" mayors in the first place? Isn't that rather racist? Whatever is going on it smells rotten, which seems to be a trademark of the Obama administration. You, Anonymous, must love the stinking smell.

Anonymous said...

Pete, do you know if there are financial incentives, or do you simply assume that anyone who is concerned about AGW needs a financial incentive? Likewise, do you know that these people are not already involved with these other worthy causes, or did you just assume they weren't?

Perhaps they are not convinced at AGW is "fictional." Perhaps the people who claim AGW is "fictional" are not as convincing as they seem to think they are.

I do not know why the "black mayors" got involved, but I do have to ask - are you sure this isn't a blog about politics and Obama hating?

Peter said...

Geez you are naïve. Does anyone go to DC
not looking for some kind of favor?

AGW is all political BS....ypu know that. Don't play dumb.

Peter said...

Geez you are naïve. Does anyone go to DC
not looking for some kind of favor?

AGW is all political BS....ypu know that. Don't play dumb.

Anonymous said...

All denialist anti-science is politically motivated - you will not admit that. This site is the perfect example. Don't play stupid.

Peter said...

Go ahead and follow lying idiots like Al Gore, James Hansen, and Michael Mann. It is not even science they practice or preach. They've been caught and exposed, along with all the nonsense the United Nations has been promoting. Defrauding the public of Billions of dollars while people are unemployed and going hungry is a crime against humanity and is literally stealing the bread from the mouths of babes (the innocent). These people and their followers should be publicly humiliated.

Call exposing these frauds and liars political if it makes you feel better, but it will never change the facts about what they have done and continue to try and do.

The truth is I would do everything I can to expose this great hoax known as the myth of man-caused global warming if it were promoted by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Communists or Martians. Lies are lies and they are wrong under any standard of behavior or culture. This must not stand if people are to remain free. Period. If you've ever wondered about my motivation, that's it, pure and simple. If you knew better I would hope you would have the courage to do the same.

JSG said...

This is pure political lobbying on the part of these mayors in attempt to bring federal funds to their communities. It has nothing to do with science or whether or not these mayors are convinced of AGW.